Dodge Nitro Questions

What Other Engines Interchange With The 3.7 Engine In This

My motor is blown in my Dodge Nitro and I would like to know which ones interchange with a 3.7 that's in it


Is There Any Steps That Need To Be Done After Replacing The TIPM?

I replaced the TIPM in our Dodge 2008 Dodge Nitro with a plug and play TIPM from Autozone because it started showing all the symptoms like flashing headlights, honking horn, failure to start, locks no...

2007 Dodge Nitro Heater Blowing Cold Air On Drivers Side

I have changed heater core, Water pump and blend door actuator and still have no heat on drivers side


Could My Water Pump Pulley Be The Problem?

I have replaced the tension assembly, serpentine belt, and compressor and whenever I turn on the air the belt still squeals. The water pump pulley looks worn and very shiny. My question is could t...

Dodge Nitro Overview

The Dodge Nitro was launched in 2007 as a midsize SUV with a boxy-yet-sporty look. It's based on the Jeep Liberty, and has an old-school body design atop the sturdy truck-style platform. Compared to other midsize sport utility vehicles, the Nitro is on the smaller side, and reviewers praise it for its maneuverability.

A high roofline and rectilinear profile translate to plenty of headroom, legroom, and cargo capacity. They're also a nod to the Nitro's Jeep roots. The front grille, on the other hand, is all Dodge Ram; the fierce-looking front end seems a little misplaced on this cartoony bodystyle.

The Nitro's fuel economy isn't terrible for a two-ton vehicle, but compared to the Ford Escape or the Saturn Vue, it's a bit of a gas-guzzler. Still, it's got its charm, and the folks at Chrysler have high hopes for the new brand.

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