infiniti 03-04 g35 can it be a highmileage car?

Asked by Sep 07, 2013 at 10:10 PM about the 2003 INFINITI G35 Coupe

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im looking into a used 03-04 g35 but my dad is worried if I buy one with over 80k miles by the time it hits 120,000 its apparently going to give me tons of issues because hes heard they are unreliable. I need opinions!

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Well, speaking generally, the car is 11 years old. As with any car, when they start getting older maintenance costs go up. Things wear out and break that need to be fixed. The mileage you report on this car is low for it's age. Get a vehicle history report such as carfax or autocheck. If it's a one owner, hasn't been in any accidents, and shows regular servicing it's probably a good car that you can get a few good years out of. Check out the website car See how this particular make and model does as far as consumer reviews. If you're not vehicle savy or buying long distance have the car inspected by a professional inspection company. Usually costs about $150.00. But the inspector can spend 2 or 3 hours with the car and possibly uncover hidden defects that a short test drive wouldn't show. HTH. -Jim

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Engine-wise the VQs were designed to be good til at least 200,000 miles. However, there are plenty of other issues especially with the first year G35s. If possible, look for an +05 G35. Also are you looking at the coupe or sedan? I have an 03 coupe and I have replaced the driver's side window motor twice and the passenger side lock actuator; both of which are common issues with those cars. Also your electronics are crap, I haven't had to use it but my 6 disc changer has been jammed for the past 4 years I have owned this car. Otherwise, great engine, great car, just little issues that are prevalent with all of those models.

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My 2004 G35x has not given me any trouble as far as windows go, but I've found that when I brake, I feel like the bearing is going to fall off. Aside from that and alright fuel consumption, mine is okay.

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I own a 2003 G35 with about 141k miles on it, and i havent had any major issues. I've only had small problems like my driver side window motor going out.

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I have a G35 sedan. I drive it like Nascar. Has 204k miles and still runs strong. Only major issues, upgraded the control arm bushings. (Stock ones wear too fast) I would recommend these cars to anyone. :)

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I have an 06 & at 100000 mi you will need to perforn a lot of maintenance but not on the motor. Maybe the thermostat housing. The drivers fan motor, a lot of bushings & suspension, hubs & bearings brakes muffler. Especially if it was from the northeast. I live in VT & mine is not easy a lot of times with rust. But the thing goes like hell no problems with motor at all overheating is usually the drivers side fan motor worked 4 me. Car has been great since 42k when I got it. At 100k needs a lot of TLC, but will be ready 4that 200k mark no problems. At least big ones. I mean there are so many Bells & Whistles something must go wrong.TT in VT

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I bought my 03 G35 2yrs ago with 118,000 mi and it's never had a problem in which now it has 170,000 so that's why I was reading up on it to see what could be expected in the future but they are fun cars to drive.

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I got a 2004 G35X in 2010 (I was the second owner). 141,800 miles and I think it had at least another 60,000 left on it. Engine ran great, NEVER had a single mechanical problem. Amazing car. We lost it last week to someone running a redlight, though. Totaled. Kept us safe and unharmed, so it did its job, but I would buy the same car again in a heartbeat. Do your preventative maintenance and you should be good -- it's not cheap when something does break (unless you go to a tow yard for your parts), so just be aware of that.

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I bought a 05 g35x sedan 6 mths ago with 110k. Now has 121k. One owner so I was lucky. This car flies and rides great! In manual mode most cars can't match it's speed. Haven't had one problem. I have an 06 bmw 330 ci, and I actually enjoy the ride and acceleration of my g35x better.

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I bought my 03 G35 6MT sedan in 05 with just 19K on it. Now has 218K. I just replaced the original clutch. A while ago I replaced one of the control arms. Other than that, just tires, oil & filters. Oh and the audio/enviro electronics had to be serviced for $350 (known problem) but now works great. Anyhow the VQ is known to drink a little bit of oil between changes. Well that kept increasing a bit more each year after 150K. Now it drinks too much oil so I will probably replace rings and if necessary pistons depending on shape of the cylinders. Valves will also be serviced since they also make noise now. I actually am looking forward to this job since I love this car and the way it handles. If anyone knows of the best pistons & rings to use, I'd appreciate the info.

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I bought a 2005 G35X in 2009 with 32K miles on it. It ran without any repairs (just oil changes and tires) until 100K miles when the first thing to go was the 6-disc CD player jammed so radio only. Shortly after it needed the first major repairs related to axle and rotors which ran more than a thousand. At 115K the car stalled for the first time ever and lost power steering and breaks and needed the cam position sensors replaced $300- 500. Not bad for a car I've had for 7 years. The interior is still fantastic and the engine other than that one stall is extremely reliable and has never overheated.

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I own a 04 G35 Sedan and it nearly hit 270,000 miles and I never had any problems no check engine lights, no knocking engine, I been maintaining the car well with full synthetic Mobil 1 K & N filters 89 gasoline and I get 19mpg on streets and 21 on Highway and it runs smooth.. my only problem was the oil gasket was leaking and I took it to the shop 60 dollars with labor and its flawless...

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Honestly this is a great car. Great is actually an understatement. I have an 04 g35x sedan with 240k on it. I'm the second owner and you'd be surprised to know that the only issues I've had are brakes (normal) and hub bearings (normal) this is regular wear and tear. I would tell you to go for it because this is definitely a reliable whip and not only that it's very fun to drive it will keep you on the roads. 5 star car.

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Best car I've ever owned... I'm 53 yrs old. Ordered my G35 coupe 6mt in 03/2003, arrived 05/2003... Still have it, love it, has 112k on it. It is expensive to maintain, tires, brakes, etc... If you can change oil, brake pads, etc, that will lessen the cost. This is a performance machine, it is fun to drive, it costs money to drive... There are faults to this car, cd changer errors out, window motors go out (had several replaced during the first 3yrs warranty), door locks go out... Reason I keep it is: I fell in LOVE with the looks when I saw it in pics before it was released back in late 2002. Went to several auto shows in 2003, it was as good in person as the pics, even better live- in person. Seriously, this is a very fast car, great handling, horrible in snow/ice (because of rear wheel/summer tires-never tried all season tires or winter tires). I've test drove several coupes since 2010, nobody has beat this car, including Infiniti with the new G37 coupe. Best looking, performing, coupe under 50k...

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can you put a 06 infiniti g35 coupe interior on a 03 infiniti g34 coupe

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can you put a 06 infiniti g35 coupe interior on a 03 infiniti g35 coupe

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A rear wheel drive car with timing chain set up in the front is the best car you can own with G35 . And if you guys want some advise to keep window modulators alive just secure the buttons better with water resistance silicone.

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i have G35 coupe and the engine have some noice. what does it is? the repairman said that engine almost over! I can't belive please advice me


The noise (ticking) is usually 2 areas. Valve clearance and stretched timing chain. I gave my G35 a full overhaul (bearings, chains, tensioners, pumps, valves, rings, seals) myself at 219K and now it burns no oil or makes any noise and is very powerful. Parts cost about 1200 - 1400. The cylinders are so hard that the rings wear out so cylinders only need de-glazing. The exhaust valves also take a beating but intakes stay perfect. Also need to measure cams and replace if worn out. Just be safe and measure everything at overhaul. An excellent engine.

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I have a 2004 Infiniti G35x sedan with 140k. I've owned it since 116k. Other than your regular oil changes, tires, and hub bearings, this car has never given me any mechanical problems. However, I have had the car act up, but that was only because of the thermostat malfunctioning ($350 at infiniti). Other than that, super reliable car that is not only fun to drive, but still has a classic design. 5 star car for sure!

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I know this is a rather late answer, but I have a 2004 Infiniti G35x sedan as well. Mine currently has over 234,300 miles on the clock. The first owner of the car had it for the first 230,000 miles, and it still runs like a charm. Since I've owned it, I've only had to do the regular oil changes and tires. No mechanical issues whatsoever. I've had countless compliments on how good the car looks for its age and mileage, and it rides almost like it came right off the assembly line. Parts can be expensive, but the car is very reliable so if you don't drive it like a maniac then you won't have to worry about paying extra for parts you didn't need to replace. Oh yeah, it's a ton of fun to drive too. And the engine noise is one of the best I've ever heard. (The only one I can think of that's better is the Jaguar F-Type V6.) My brother and I have loved the G35 so much that between the two of us, we've owned 6 of them. Highly recommend!

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80,000 miles is just barely broken in if the car was well maintained.

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I have a 2006 G35x with over 350,000kms. I've just had to replace my radiator and engine mount l, which is fine, I love my car but because I've inherited a car that needs a bit of tlc I think my mechanic is trying to scare me into selling by thing me that my engine is not good and it's hard to sell this make/model of car. I've read all the reviews I've not seen much complaints about engine troubles, some feedback would be much appreciated

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Realistically, with high kms like that, its gonna ve hard to sell. ☺. But a cars what you make of it, treat it poor, or treat it well...some cars have flaws, the first generation of any vehicles gonna have an issue thats addressed in the next. For g35's. 03-04 had issues that were checked over in the newer ones.

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