I have just bought a new Mazda CX 5 - this may be a stupid question but ... I can't work out how to play the radio with the engine off

Asked by Sep 12, 2013 at 03:13 AM about the 2013 Mazda CX-5 Sport

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JaneF...You need to have the ignition switch in the accessory position to play the radio.

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Just realized these Mazda CX-5's may have the newer Push Button Start system....therefore: Just tap the engine start button without depressing the clutch/brake. It the same as turning the ignition switch to the accessory position in the non-push button start cars, like my 2011 Mazda MX-5 Miata.

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I bought a Mazda CX6 2013 almost two years ago and I've been having issues with the power. I turn off the car but lights and radio stays on, took it to the dealer in multiple occasions and they said everything it's fine. Now when I'm cleanning the car and the radio is on, but the car is off everything suddenly shuts down and I have to jump the car battery. They check battery but is fine, which it's means that it has an electricity malfunction. Does anyone has this issues????

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crivera326 yes I have this problem in my 2013 cx5. I am taking it to dealer for the second time tomorrow morning. Last time they updated the software on the navigation and said hope it helps but if it happens again, call roadside assistance and have it towed in. It happened at the beach last Sunday when dealership is closed so I couldn't have it towed. I had to keep running back to the car to start it up so it would not drain the battery. This has happened to me about 5 times total now. Have you had any luck with the dealership diagnosing the problem?

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Yes - we have this problem with our 2014 cx5. Will be taking it to the dealer for the second time (dead again...) and we previously jumped it 2x. They can't find the problem but it is not okay for a brand new car to have such severe electrical issues that it will not reliably start.

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I have a 2014 Mazda 3 purchased in May 2014. I have just started having this same problem. In addition the beeping starts when I open the door and then again when I try to touch lock and it will not lock.

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Don't feel bad, JaneF. I just got a CX-7 and I want it to continue to play for a while too, once I've turned the ignition off as well. The reason is, my older SUV, a Chevy Equinox, was great this way. My husband's Chevy Tahoe will do the same thing. Once the key is out, as long as you don't open the door, the radio will play for about 5-10 minutes and then auto-switch off. I just find I like it, and now am asking the same question.

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Our car was FINALLY fixed. (2014 CX-5) If you notice that a small piece of plastic is stuck/cracked/breaking where you change gears, this piece of plastic can cause the car not to be fully in park. When the car isn't fully parked, the radio/other electronics will not turn off. Once this was fixed we have had zero issues with our car - I hope this helps someone out there!

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I have a 2016 CX-5 and this works. with the CX-5 running press the button on the gear shift (back side) and then press engine stop button. the radio

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I have a 2016 CX-5 and this works. with the CX-5 running press the button on the gear shift (back side) and then press engine stop button, the radio stays on but windows won't work.

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I have been having the same problem on my 2014 Mazda 6. I too the advice of MMC2882 and jammed the shirted into park and it fixed the problem! At least I now know what is up with it. Thanks MMC2882!

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jammed the shirted' into park? Was that a typo? I am not sure what you mean, and if it worked for you, I really want to know. thx.

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Uhhh let me translate... jammed the shirted' = jammed the shifter.

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Ah. lol...thanks!

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please help! my girlfriend and I both test drove the 202 Mazda cx5 2.2 se diesel it costs around €23,750, we are concerned about the fuel costs at the minute diesel in Ireland is € 1.14 per Leter. can some body actually tell me how many miles will this suv actuality achieve in city driving

I wish they sold they sold the diesel in the usa. Our government pretends like they want fuel efficient cars. But they do not allow the diesel mazda into the US market.

Thank you for this thread. My headlights didn't turn off last night and the battery is dead. I will sheik the shifter.


My 2014 keeps saying it isn't in park when the shifter is in park position and the dash says it's in park. The radio and other aux lights stay on . There is a beep when you open the door telling you your car isn't in park. So you have to restart it and put it into N or just move it around a bit and quite hard put it into Park again. It' s happened most every time I park this thing and I only have it a few days. Shouldn't happen.

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Thank you MMMC2882!!! I have a 2013 CX5 and took the car to dealer and I'm sure they just checked the electrical and said everything was fine! Funny thing is it it did stop for a few weeks and then started acting up again?? But I tried holding it firmly in park like you said and then pushed the start button and it cut off- before I would have to restart car and drive a bit then stop and it would cut off but not lately. And not only does the radio stay on (though I know u can turn it off) but the lighting is still on- but also I can't lock my door, not even manually! With everyone on here with the same complaints, I can't believe Mazda doesn't know about the problem? Are they in denial and just don't want another recall??

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Yep. I have a 2014 CX5 with the same problem. I had already figured out that if I just restart the car and jam the shifter into the Park position, the radio will then shut off when I turn the ignition off. Strange that the instrument cluster shows that the car is in park, but somehow that information isn't resulting in the radio turning off. Haven't taken the time yet to figure out the mechanism behind all of this, but jamming the stick into park works for now.

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Having the same issues with my 2014 Mazda6. Dealer said that they want to keep to diagnose and acted like this is the first time they heard of it. Already have an email to Mazda USA. Let's see what they say.

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I just bought a car and had problem with this tonight!! Any answers????


Mazda6 2014

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Update on my situation. Dealer found it to be a parking switch sensor or something like that. They said there is a "bulletin" and that they would cover it as a goodwill since out of the 36K warranty. The part has been on back order since and I have been in a loaner since 7/22. I did call Mazda USA and explain to them the issue prior to taking to the dealer. After a few conversations they were going to be more than willing to work with me once the dealer looked at it. I don't know if they are the reason behind the goodwill or it was the dealer but all in all I hope to have it fixed soon and the issue taken care of. My advice, call Mazda USA and explain. Not yelling and demanding but with respect. it worked for me and hope it does for everyone else. I will report back once I have my car. Good Luck everyone!

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SBINmazda Thanks for the info!

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KDYO-46-040 this is the part # they listed on my receipt.

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SBINmazda Has there been any updates on your car? I plan to call mazda usa on monday.


The dealer switched out the parking sensor. Part # is KDYO-46-040.


Let me add this. Another thread had a problem with the start/stop button blinking amber. I think these two problems are related. As I said earlier, my radio would stay on when I tried to turn the car off. Then recently the start/stop button was blinking amber, but now the problem with the radio staying on was gone. Now I'm back to the start/stop button not blinking, but the radio is staying on once again. Looks like a related problem. Looks like replacing or bypassing the parking sensor is the cure.


Here's the solution. This is the link to the service bulletin that Mazda has for this problem. http://am.mazdaserviceinfo.com/mazdaesi/index? page=detail_pagelet&id=TSB5421&actionPrint=print I ordered the part (about 60 bucks) and just got done replacing it. The car works great now. Definitely a solid fix.

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I bought a "certified used" Mazda CX-5 and the problem was something they were well aware of at the dealers and knew t the time I bought it that the ignition something was bad and tore out everything in my middle console to fix it. Then the car was squeaking really bad while driving. Because my car was over 36000 they refused to fix them for free. I had the car 9 months. There is a bulletin that the brakes have to be reconfigured as salt fro the roads in cold climates can make them go prematurely. They knew about it and I attached the notice to my dealer and the were like "too bad " because they weren't bad (supposedly when I bought it. But don't you think they would have fixed them before they sold it as a "certified used" vehicle? No Charged me almost 400 hundred for the pads and rotors.


Mazda says CX-5 brake pads can be affected by road salt used in colder weather, causing the brakes to stay partially applied because of rust on the outer rear brake pads. The Mazda CX-5 rear brakes TSB has been issued before but Mazda says this latest bulletin supersedes the previous bulletins. The automaker says this latest bulletin, 04-005/15, was previously issued in October 2015, and TSB 04-003/14 was sent to dealers in February 2014. The updated CX-5 TSB says the bulletin is not limited to cars under 12 months/12,000 miles and the repair will be covered under Mazda’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty term of 36 months/36,000 miles. Mazda dealers will diagnose the condition and if confirmed, install modified rear brake pads, new caliper anti-rattle clips, clean the calipers of rust and apply high-temp grease to the caliper slides and replace the rear rotors if necessary. Owners of the 2013-2014 Mazda CX-5 who have questions about the brake pad TSB should call Mazda at 800-222-5500. Have a car complaint about your Mazda? Add your complaint here, about any vehicle.

My Mazda stops at the traffic light and doesn't start cost me $600 to fix. Aside from the radio problem and parking still on not off sooner they ask you to change the sensor $500. I already change the airflow sensor because the making error on the throttles by keeping and forcing the ignition to turn off your radio. Your door remains open if your radio on. Don't Buy Mazda Anymore Till Everybody around the world. The dealership doesn't fix your car they want more money they don't care how many people will die on the road.


My 2014 is now "ticking" 37,000 miles. Seriously?

you better sell it right away when I got 37,000 km I got no problem but my engine getting louder. When you got 40000km during the summer you can park but you can't turn off your radio even your engine off. the problem you can't leave your vehicle in accessory radio on the door will never lock.

I notice the cx5 need to change oil every 2 months because the oil indicator doesn't work. if you don't change your oil after 3 months your car doesn't start even you have a full battery.

Thanks to everyone that has put up what was going on with their Mazda cx 5. I also have a 2013 and after about two years it has started this problem. I have not taken it to the dealership. I realized it had to have something with the gear shift. Now I know, and I know what to tell them when I take it in to have that little plastic piece fixed.

Having issues with my Maxda CX 5 - 2014. Car does not completely turn off when parking. Radio and lights stay on and I have to reverse several times until it completely turns off. Anyone has an answer of what this could be?

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