Approximately, how many miles can a 2005 Ford Focus travel before it reaches its maximum?


Asked by Jun 11, 2008 at 01:18 PM about the 2005 Ford Focus ZX4 S

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I am concerned about how far the ford focus can go before it reaches it's maximum amount of miles. I know that the 1998 Chevrolet Malibus have 160,000 miles on the engine... what about the Ford Focus???

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I've seen polar opposites with reliability in the Zetec motor. Many say it's a 200k mile motor others say get rid of it when you hit 6 digits... My personal experience with a Zx2 is somewhere in the middle... It's an easy inexpensive motor to work on but it breaks rather frequently. I got rid of mine at...ohh I can't remember the mileage anymore... about 150k we'll say mostly cause I got sick of fixing it... Valve cover gasket here, water pump here and there, timing belt, coil pack, valve seals.... yada...yada... Many are because I didn't want my car burning or leaking oil at all and with the exception of some seepage at my oil pan the engine was nearly perfectly sealed! They are 'cheap' cars and I wouldn't expect it to get high mileage, but I'm one who believes the only limit to how long a car lasts is how much money you're willing to put into it. I got rid of mine when a car payment was more predictable that the failure of misc. odds and ends around the vehicle brakes, bushings, corrosion on wire harnesses, ect...

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older cars are made better, and will last alot longer. nowadays, i wouldnt be surprised if alot of these cars started dying at 200k.

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buy a general motors

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Most cases I'd agree but the comparable GM model would be the Aveo which really can't compete with the 2.0L Zetec Ford cars. It's too inefficient for it's power and cracks about the same MPG rating as the Zetec cars with less power and reliability. Nearest comparable would be the '05 and up Cobalt that are significantly more expensive... Sadly I'm a Chevy fan, but small cars they just can't compete atm with other brands. They are unrivaled in my opinion in the truck and large sedan market though... Especially anything with the Northstar v8

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GIVE ALL YOU'VE GOT! I have 120,000 on mine and it is ticking like a top. Yeah you have to replace stuff but it is cheap and people don't mind working on them (aka, they don't charge a lot). I think this car could go 200K no problem if you don't drive it hard. It is a smaller engine so lots of highway miles at slow speeds isn't bad but if you have been driving it like it belongs in NASCAR time trial then it probably isn't going to make it. Even around town, these cars are light so brakes and clutches last a long time.

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just keep it serviced regurally,treat it nice,it will last.

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It depends on how they were treated..My son"s zx-4,has 248 k on the clock,and has 6% leak-down,170-175 compression,on all 4 cylinders,and YES- it"s a turbo-model..Should be good,for another 100k,if he(he wont) keeps his foot,out of it!! I would safely say-with good care-300k,and then,look for a re-build,or-another car...

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Got 560,000 km on the 2006 Ford Focus ZXW - still running without problems, shifts great and no engine trouble.

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I have 150k on mine and it runs like a top! I have done regular maintenance, oil changes, etc. The only real expense that I have had was brake linings and exhaust. Looking a little beat in the body, but still humming. Just replaced the original battery!

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I've got 159,000+ on my Zetec ( SE, 4dr sedan version). I *like* this car. I've put the majority of the miles on it (bought in '02 with around 20K or so miles). Fixing thus far has been cheaper for me. I have had to replace a solenoid in the transmission ($90 part, my labor, plus gasket sealant and fluids), replaced the radiator due to a hole (gravel roads), the water pump went shortly after; PCV valve must be replaced on schedule; dropped the drive train belt about 120K or so, lucked out and didn't damage anything, no clearance in the valves. The usual maintenance: Oil, filters, fluids; brake rotors once since I got it. Rear brake pump or whatever is on the rear wheel replaced last year. Replaced busted strut springs after getting it back from Military shipping. Been a good little car for me and mine.

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Oh, I've got the 2000 model- and all the recall stuff has also been replaced. I drive it back and forth in town, 70 miles to KCMO, and 6 hours home, 3-4 times a year, 50 miles to my brothers once a month or so, etc. I *like* my car. ;-)

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I drive a 2002 focus with ztec engine. I change oil every 3000-4000 miles. Most driving is highway (120miles a day to and from work). To date this car has 312,000 miles on it. Goes between oil changes without having to add oil. The oil at oil change is still a light brown color. Still gets 30mph on the road a runs great!

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I've got 181,500 miles on my 2005 Ford Focus SE no rust shiny paint engine ticks a bit but the injectors are know for it. still runs like a champ no problems what so ever. very good and reliable car unlike most newer cars these days.

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Mine has 110K at this point, and it has been good going since I got it 6 years ago in 2009. Everything works, unlike my '03 Buick Lesabre Limited with bells whistles and heated seats. The one problem it has had, twice: water got onto the block, under the hood, got under the rubber disks, and trashed the coil packs. One time, it was driving thru potholes in a torrential storm. The other time, it sat under 2 ft of snow, which melted slowly.

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As long as you can withstand the repairs. Most cars today can make it to 200,000 miles. The most expensive part of getting a car is the initial purchase price, taxes, license and interest if you financed it like most people. Once the car is paid for, it's all about maintenance. Normally, it's cheaper to fix the car,there's a few exceptions though, major components like the engine, transmission and a major accident. In those cases, I would probably replace the car if two of these three events occurred about the same time . If you only have to replace the transmission and the engine is in excellent shape, it might be worth it, but, if your motor is dying, dump it immediately. Depends also on how much you like your car.

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I purchased my 2005 ford focus SES ZX4 used with 28,000 miles on it in 2007. I have maintained my car from day one. 3,000 mile oil changes and regular as scheduled maintenance. I just had the 100,000 mile Tune Up. Because I baby my car, My 100,000 mile tune up was 1/2 the price. I feel confident I will get another 100,000 miles out of my car. My Motto, if it makes a noise, it's free to have it checked out. If it's broke, fix it. So far I have had to change the starter and Battery, brakes and tires. I'm still getting 27 in town and 31 hwy :) I love my car lol

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Gabbee, nice looking car and only 100,000 miles. This car owes you nothing and you're now in the sweet spot of ownership. Looks at it this way, a new car payment is around $ 400 per month or $4,800 per year to purchase, not lease. You're not going to spend almost $5,000 on repairs every year for the next five years. And, if you acquired this car in 2007 and have put 70,000 miles on your car, it will easily last you another 5 years. By then, the car will be 15 years old and you can still sell the car as a reliable transportation vehicle to some college student. In the process, you're going to save a lot of money towards your next car and get the maximum service and value from your car. It's important to remember that resale-value is only important if you intend to sell. Depreciation slows down greatly as a car ages, so, it will still have value even at 15 years. And, the value is based on condition. Last year I sold my 1995 Honda Accord for $3,000 with almost 150,000 miles. You're still getting good gas mileage and service from the car, no reason to change that. Things like tires, oil changes, brakes, etc. that's all maintenance and any car needs that, whether it's 5, 10 or 15 years old. You'll probably save money on insurance and license registration fees with the older car as well. Best of luck.

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My 07 ford focus ses 2.0 liter has served Me well. 240,000 kilometres and counting. I say changing the motor oil is part of the reason, but be sure not to neglect the transmission fluid. It's just as important as any other maintenance idem. Your car isn't going anywhere without a problem free transmission!

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Steve- I see you answered by saying you've logged 240,000 kilometers---that's just under 150,000 miles. That's a lot for a 2007, but, I've certainly met taxi drivers with 200,000 miles and more on 2011 vehicles. You're right, changing the oil and keeping up with routine maintenance is the key to making your car last longer. Happy New Year to you. I see no reason why most cars today and in the past 10 years can easily make it to 200,000 miles.

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I have a 2005 focus. It currently has 320,000 miles on it. I have had occasional minor issues (altenator, brakes, mass air flow censor) I drive about 500 miles per week....this little car has driven beyond my expectations!

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Have a 2007 with 205,000. Still runs great, have only replaced swing arm, shocks and struts. Still on original clutch, just change oil evey 3-4K and it has been great. I'm going for 300,000

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I have an '05 zx4 ses, been in 2 front end accidents (one required the front end to be redone; many engine components, flushes, suspension etc)... my baby Sherice is my girl. 103k on it, completely maintained, just did belt and cv axles (which leak on many), and am soon to have a cold air put on, full header+exhaust+tune. i plan on running her into the ground, and from working at an auto garage I have seen some very surprising vehicles make it over 300k, so if their shitty cars can, then Sherice can too, or I can WILL her to with my magical powers


I have a 2004 Focus Wagon ZTW (2.3L Duratec motor) with 295,000 miles, try to average 3,750 miles between oil changes. Still doesn't burn a drop of oil. Injectors have been a bit of a problem (Duralube Severe Fuel Cleaner works well). Have had to replace all motor mounts, some suspension linkage, an idle sensor, alternator; two wheels have fallen off (one from a bad tire rotation, the other from a bad brake job) and there is a bit of rust damage inside one of the rear doors, but overall this car has been very reliable and a joy to drive (the 2.3L motor is peppy!)

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My 2005 Ford Focus ZXW has 115000 miles on it and the transmission went out. Great car but 2400.00 on a new trans Im sure the valves will go out at 125000. Seems to be a good car but what will be next??

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Probably the rear brakes, if you haven't had them replaced yet. The mid-2000 Focuses seem to be a bit challenged with wheel bearings, too ... Just replaced the right rear bearings for the third or fourth time (this time after just 40,000 miles). Motor mounts tend to wear out, too. Still, my annual repairs average out less than a monthly car payment...

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Hi, I'm thinking about buying a 2005 ford focus Zx4 with 200k miles on it, do you think it will last long or break down soon?

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I would not buy that. I have had 3 Ford Focus cars all of them have transmission problems. I change the fluid Every 15000 miles and oil ever 4000 miles not one car lasted more than 116000 miles before the transmission goes out. All 3 have failed on me. I still have my 2005 ford focus ZXW. It will be the last American made car I will ever buy. My Honda accord lasted 20 years. I Also have had 3 Honda accords all of them lasted with out any problems. Your car that you are going to buy wont last much longer before the transmission goes or the motor. GL

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Thank you Buzzme, a few of my friends told me not to buy the car either.. I definitely won't buy that car I don't need the headaches lol.. Thanks again.

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bought my 07 sedan new in Feb of that year got 248000 miles on it now besides oil changes every 3000 to 4000 and brakes at 190000 miles I've spent less than 1500.00 in repairs and parts, car still runs great no oil usage between changes.

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I have a 2006 Ford Focus ZXQ SES and it's been a great cAR. There is 222,000 km on her...replaced coil packs...transmission was serviced for routine maintenance, there are control arm issues and now electrical with no cluster or rear lights working. I think it's had its time, but what a great car!

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Gabbee, love the pic of ur focus!!! I have a similar focus.. mines an 05 ZX4 ST it's got the 2.3 liter engine in it.... Her name is Pepper lol cuz first she's peppy and the color is black lol I got her in May of 2008 and she had around 60k miles on her.... and now here we are in the year 2017 and she now has 250,500 miles on her!!!!! And I've only had to replace the alt two times which I done by my self and I had to have a new clutch put in about 3 years ago thanks to a snow we had stupid me burnt the clutch out trying to get out of being stuck in my driveway lol that job I didn't attempt to do myself tho cuz I'm not that skilled yet lol I'm gonna post a pic of my Pepper girl :) she looks a bit like ur car lol

2005 Ford Focus, bought in 2007... now has 262,000 miles - does not burn oil. Replaced starter, and wear items: tires, brakes, belts, shocks.

I was satisfied, but, now having lots of trouble with a pulley. sound familiar?

All this time I thought Mark Helpful was an actual person. My 2004 focus has 170,000 km on it and still going strong.I drive the sh*t out of that thing too lol. Very reliable little car.

My 2006 focus has 298,000 miles on it, bought at about 14,000. The one item that is really annoying and seems to be true for many is not being able to adjust from vent to defrost. The little doors get stuck open or close from degrading rubber seals that turned sticky. Of course it is nearly impossible to get into the ventilation to fix them so details on you tube on how to cut into the duct work. Never changed transmission fluid. Oil changes every 5000 with whatever was on sale, currently $10 full synthetic 5 quart at rural king. Starting to get rust inside the doors but nothing outside. Should be good another few years.

2006 focus zx5 has 240,000 miles , bought it new. changed the oil ,tires , shocks/struts , same wheel bearings , air filter and some problems with the vent to defrost. still getting over 30 mpg

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