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Radio comes on, but has no sound.

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check your fuse.

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Does it have a anti theft radio, dodge does the same thing, will turn on but no sound period.

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First thing to check that the controls have not been adjusted especially if you only have a two speaker system i.e. controls set to speakers that are not fitted then I would check the wires on the back of the unit and ask yourself the question how did it happen over a period of time “you noticed it or suddenly”?? If the wires are ok the other thing you could do is plug another speaker in and see if it works if not it will probably be the stereo unit itself

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Just had this problem. Radio comes on, no sound (or it would make a loud static sound if you hit the radio or ramdomly on it's own), everything else is fine, display, CD works etc.. So I bought an identical used replacement radio on ebay, still not working and the same problem. Then I found a post that suggested looking in the trunk and found that one of the plastic terminals for the wires on the rear speaker had broken off. Wiggled it, and the radio came on. Problem? Stuffing too much junk in the trunk caused the problem, it snapped the plastic clip where the speaker wire is soldered in (connection was in fact still good), and then it shorted. Hope that helps.

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EXACTLY same issue. Thanks for advice but get this... Toyota dealer told me I need a new radio. Bunch of morons. So while he's getting a quote I googled and found this column. Looked in trunk and found problem. Dealer guy comes out and is shocked that a mere mortal has fixed the issue. Moral: don't EVER trust a dealer. Thanks!

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I had the same problem after putting a 10,000 btu A/C in my trunk, the next day radio turned on but there was no sound. I knew it couldn't be the fuse because the radio was on. Then I came across this forum. These speakers have no protection, the little plastic element where the speaker wire go are in plain site. The AC must have shifted and broke it. Anyway thanks for helping me find the answer.

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+1 for checking the trunk. Had a broken speaker terminal that was shorting the lead to the frame. A piece of E-tape later, problem solved.

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NO WAY! WOW! Same problem, same solution: the trunk. Literally took less than 1 minute to fix. THANK YOU!

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OMG!!! Thank you all, you all were totally right, after going to different mechanics to fix my radio being scared after 3 different quotes...I did it. Thank you so, so much! God Bless

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Hey im Joe and im no Pro, where exactly do you have to look in the trunk? Are you all speaking about where those two wires run into the speaker? should i just mess around with those?! someone please help i have the same issue, i just dont know exactly what to do.

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There are two wires inside the speakers. If one of those wires is touching metal the entire system grounds out. All I did was stick my finger in the back of the speaker an move the wire off the metal. The radio immediately began working! Thx soo much!

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I had put a bunch of equipment in the trunk. It must have hit the speaker and pushed the wire to ground out on the metal. I missed it when I first looked up in the trunk in the back of the speakers. Look at the bare wires inside the speakers. I noticed the second time I looked up there that one of the wires looked like it was in a different position so I poked it with my finger and it was fixed. Yours may not be that easy. It is clear it is easy to damage these speakers. There may be more real damage. Good luck!

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Hello! I definitely have this problem. I'm having trouble identifying the speaker connection in the trunk. Does anyone know where I can find a picture/visual to help me?

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I have the same problem. The speakers were working this morning, but when I left work - no sound, not for radio, navigator or blue tooth. The only thing is, I've had the car less than a month (it's a 2015) and there is literally NOTHING in the trunk. I'll check the speakers in the trunk, but if they are jostled about, it's not because of clutter in the trunk. I'll let you know ASAP. If someone has this issue but found a different fix, please let me know. Thank you.

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Dear friends I have corolla 2007 it is having audio problem It runs for a day or two when the next day I try to switch on it doesn't then when I remove the plug behind the audio player again it runs for a day Again it will go off I went to mechanic but he told to replace the system can anybody sugesst me the right solution My mail :

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I found this post and same problem! Blue oval is the broken tab, red circle is the speaker wire shorted to the chassis (ground).

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You will need to click on the picture above to see the circles. The connections you see is towards the front of the trunk (facing the back seat). If one speaker wire gets shorted the radio amplifier shuts down, no sound out of any speakers.

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I have a similar issue: As I had the radio on and the sound just stopped. No static - it was just the radio station had dead air. I tried all of the other stations, both AM and FM, and the same thing. The odd thing is that the CD and aux both work and produce sound. I was wondering if it might be the antenna, but the radio still scans and stops at stations I know are there. Any suggestions?

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This is awesome - same issue, wire in the trunk was touching metal, wife messed it up with the pram. Thanks guys 111

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2005 corolla radio will only play FM. No AM & no CD. None of the buttons work. When in FM, I can control sound and change stations only by scrolling. Is this a wire issue too?

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All FM radio stations in the US end in odd numbers. Your radio is working as designed.

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My stock radio for 2006 corolla turns on but wont play any sound at all

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Wish I'd read this before I shelled out for a new stereo and spent 2 hours installing it. Oh well. Thanks for finally finding the fix!

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The mentioned wires in my trunk are as they're supposed to be, but I can't tell which fuse is the correct fuse. Bluetooth, CD, Radio don't play any sound. They play though.

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Super grateful to have found this thread. Have a 2008 Yaris with the same problem. Thanks for saving me a ton of trouble and money!

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I'm not sure how many this applies to, I had the same problem. I bought a 2009 corolla sport 3 months ago. I discovered that the ballasts for the fog lights we're causing the problem, putting junk on the 12 volts. No ballasts, no problem.

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Toyota Standard Radio CD Player Intermittent control problem Symptoms: Player erratically turns off when CD is playing Sometimes ejects the CD and turns off Display goes blank or displays rectangles, or otherwise rendered unreadable When buttons are pressed, player turns off and/or radio turns off Otherwise, CD player and radio are usable. Troubleshooting Tip: Player and radio are workable. Only the display and controls are not working properly, which isolates the problem to the connector shown in the picture. Root Cause: Bad connector design - pins get stuck in the connector and fail to maintain spring-type pressure on opposing receptacle. This is due to long-term warpage of the connector material from temperature and humidity changes which binds the pins. Solution: Dealers usually replace the radio/CD player under warranty DYIers can fix without replacing (if not under warranty) Fix on Toyota Corolla (2009-2013): 1. Remove the radio using instruction here: Tip: only dismantle the top portion of the panel. You will have to loosen the lower left side panel strip to get access to the upper left side strip. Then remove left and right side strips, then the upper vent assembly, then the radio. 2. Remove the front radio panel by loosening the 4 side screws, and releasing locking tabs (picture 1 & 2). 3. Using a large pin or needle, bend the pins outward on the connector shown, about .05 to .1 inch (not too much, as you don't want the pins to bind on the receptacle, or worse, to bend out of shape and render the connector unusable). You should notice some of the pins binding in the connector; they should be bent far enough to release the stress (picture 3). 4. Reassemble the front panel to the radio assembly. 5. Plug in the radio assembly and test prior to assembling the screws and tabbed parts. There is no guarantee that this is a permanent fix. The pins could bind again over time as they did at first. The only permanent solution is to buy a different audio set. All these Toyota standard factory CD/radios have the same connector, and they all have a probability of eventually having this issue.

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Thanks for the advise. I had put my winter tires in the trunk to have my mechanic put them on. When I picked the car up I hit a bump on the road and the radio started making a loud static sound. It was the speaker wire just as tconway said. Thanks saved me a trip to the dealer and another over priced repair job.

Amen to all of the above! Used some electrical tape and I have sound!


Has anyone had the same issue with Toyota Aurion? It seems to be playing the files and AM/FM but there is no sound. When I try to adjust the sound, there is no volume increase/decrease information on the display anymore. I'm a bit lost and have no idea which wire I should be looking for. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Guys! I have read this topic about the same sound problem that I occured. I have a Corolla 2004, Hatchback. So you advise me to search the problem/solution in the trunk, like with the other models? Thanks for the answers!

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? 2015 corolla sport every thing was fine then the radio an power locks stop working an alarm I checked all fuses under hood an advice car has less than 5000 miles

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Oh my god i love you... about to do a 6 hour drive with no radio and you were right I'd bumped and broken a piece of plastic... pushed it and music back! You are my hero!!!

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I have a corolla 2007 hatch but there are no speakers in the rear except the doors. They all work fine when cd playing but radio turns on with no volume at all. Any suggestion please welcome.

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Same thing happened to my echo 2001, the rear speakers were in contact with the metal causing a short. Also the battery alert light went off. Before that happen I started to notice a little noise on that same speaker, now I know that is also a signal of issues with the speaker itself, hope this 5 year old post stills helping!


I have a Toyota Corolla 2005 with the error 3 code showing up, after pulling the fuse for the radio (under the driver side dash) the code is no more but I still do not get any sound. I checked the trunk and no short there. Any other places to look? My wife really wants the radio back lol.

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I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla and the radio has sound only during the morning and at night. Anyone have any solution to this or can someone please explain the rear speaker wire touching metal more?


I have a 2010 Corolla and about 6 months ago 3 out of the 4 speakers would cut out randomly now all 3 are not working but my passenger rear is still working. I changed the head unit but still no change any ideas?

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Well my friends 2013 Toyota Corolla S stereo has no sound. I have checked the connections on the two rear speakers that are exposed in the trunk. They are both in perfect condition. I have searched for an aux amp under the passenger front seat, in the trunk, and didn't find one. The only thing I can think of to do next would be to gain access to the rear of the stereo system and check the connection there. Then possibly test the output wires with a multi-meter. There should be something coming out of the wiring harness back there.

With my 2010 I found that it was an after market transformer added to feed High Intensity driving lamps that was putting noise on the power supply and shutting down the radio. Disconnect transformer problem gone.

Crazy! I was having the same problem for two weeks! Came back from vacation, two days later speakers stopped working. Speakers came back once for a couple hours and went out again. I went to AutoZone, O'Rileys, and Toyota Dealership and they add said I needed to new deck. Checked this forum, wiggled the cord in the trunk and sound came back on! Genius. My suitcases must have moved the cable! Thanks, guys'!

Notice that you have 2 BLACK wires.. one is thinner.. Make sure you have it attached to the right one. That was the reason why I couldn't listen to nothing. It's easy when you buy a harness kit to compare and notice which wire goes with the other ones. (You don't have to use it but to compare instead). Spend 2 hours to figure that out.


I have a corolla t-spirit 2005. For last few weeks I am having random fault where radio and cd unit and display do not come on. I press the on off button on the unit the 3-4 seconds recommended but no joy. I also press the steering wheel on off button but no joy. As it sometimes works it is unlikely to be a fuse itself. Any answers please?

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Looks like I found solution to audio random problem of not working. My 2005 toyota corolla t-spirit is a RH drive - so I removed the small glove box on the RH side and pushed the white components in to make sure of contact. I have no idea what these components are BUT so far for nearly a week the radio/cd/display has been OK (touch wood).

hello everyone. I have a similar problem but not exactly. After a battery change radio won't work at all. CD works. Does anyone have an idea? Please help. Thx

Hi everyone I have a Toyota Corolla verso 05 and the radio just went off and it is flashing on and off anyone know what to do thank you in advance

I have a 2013 toyota corolla. The sound in my car suddenly stopped working. I wiggled the wires in the trunk (the red on the left) and the sound came back on. I didn't see any wires touching any metal but wiggling it definitely fixed it for me

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