what is the cubic inches of the 5.3 engine on the 1500 extended cab work truck

Asked by Feb 22, 2008 at 02:52 PM about the 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Work Truck Extended Cab LB

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What is the cubic inches of the 2008 1500 5.3 engine?

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323 cubic inches

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OPPS wrong button, The 5.3 engine is 324 cubic inches

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Haha one more. Its actually 325 cubic inches.

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325 Cubic in.

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the 5.3 is millions actually, therefore meaning 5.3 million cubes

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350 cubic inches teh only difference is the bore its a little bigger than the 06 350s

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ITS 325 CUBIC INCHES. Do the conversion or easier yet, go to www.Chevrolet.com and look for yourself under the 5.3l engine specs. A 350 small block is actually the engine found in earlier model chevrolets and is 5.7liters.

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Perhaps a little confusing for the newbies, but the capacity measured in litres (in SI units) does not always convert linearly with the stated block size, measured in cubic inches (in imperial units) because the bore size may be different. For factory vehicles, the stated capacity (in SI) is usually over stated (actual measure is in CC). The manufacturer tends to round this up, though the bore size may not match this exactly. For example, a vehicle which is stated as a 202 cubic inch or 3.3 L engine, or 3300cc is not a true conversion. 202 cubic inches converts to 3,310.19 cubic centimeters. So in this case, 3.3 L is understating the true capacity. Try www.easysurf.cc

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That's www.easysurf.cc/cnver6.htm#ic2 for the conversion. Baring in mind that the stated cubic inches is also rounded.

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the best example is the ford 5.0 its really like a 4.9 or some where in that area but for the cool factor they just said 5.0

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nevermind, 325.2cid exactly

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Here they say its a 327

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According to GM, it is a 327

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Thats right every book I look in parts wise says its a 327.

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i was a GMC technician for a little while and everywhere in the dealer books they said it was a 327CI

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conversion and math wise it's a 325.2 but in actuality it's a 327. but if you want to ask for parts it's a 5.3L. Don't get it twisted or the parts guy will look at you like a dog listening to a whisle! lol

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Okay...I am a technician at a GM dealership, I went to the GM/ASEP program at Oklahoma State University-Okmulgee, and i'm ASE certified...the actual cubic inches for the 5.3 is 325ci...the reason everyone says its a 327 is because early model vehicles that had the real 327 in them were designated as 5.3 liters too...GM labels it as a 327 in all their books and advertising because thats the engine that they use to make that everyone is familiar with...even our teachers at the GM training center in Dallas say its a 325...

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The correct answer is 325 cubic inches... All tho it is a common misconception for people to think that it is a 327, becuase that was a popular motor for GM a while back and it has a good namesake so GM actually calls it. that

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It's the 327 small block......the same motor so well known in the old Camaros...

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All the gen 4 5.3liters are 325 c.i. If it has the iron block it's an LY5 Aluminum block LH6 Either way same displacement... (pi*(bore/2)^2)*stroke*(# of cylinders)=displacement 9.601 cm bore 9.2 cm stroke => 5328.45cc motor or 5.32845L 1 liters = 61.01 c.i. 5.32845*61.01=325.089 ci rounded to nearest integer, 325 c.i. If you want a complete run down on the engine SAE sells a nice bit of literature on it... if you want to shell out the money... http://www.sae.org/technical/standards/CPGM2_07LH6_LC9 --------------------------

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323 99-07 , 325 07+

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5.3 litres = 323.425844 cubic inch

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326.54 this is the total micrometer reading when multiplied by 8, depends on weather you are reading the bore or the piston circumference x8. I think there are two correct answers. I presume the piston is actually slightly less. An engineer may be measuring what goes into the void, not the void itself. I'm going to call rounding up to 327 as most accurate.

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Chevy used to have a 327 which was the 5.4L engine. Now they call it the 5.3L engine so it is the old 327 down sized slightly to a 323.


it isnt a old small block chevy at all. Its the LS series of engine that has nothing in common with the old v8's pre 99ish

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deed BMW Have. 5.3 l what is it and how much hp


324.991 to be exact. Sorry...

Who really cares! It's a 5.3L as advertised!


You see folks, 325 is what gays say. 327 is what real men say

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The gm 5.3 is a 325. It has nothing to do with the old 327. They didn't bring it back. However that may have been a good play for them as ford it doing the "5.0" yet again. But 5.3l is converted to 323.429 cubic inches. It's not a matter of manhood. There are the facts. I'm sure there is a decimal after 325 ci but I don't care to figure it out...


Interesting to know about the new way of recognizing engines in liters to the old way cubic inches, lot of bulls#&t to remember.

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Just let's us old timers know what to expect from the engine in the way of performance. If we owned an older chevy 327, the 5.3 will perform the same.

What's the difference between an LS model 1500 anything ?

If the bore of the 5.3 L is 3.78 in, and the stroke is 3.622 in, then the math says it is 325.171 CI. Just do the Math: Volume of a cylinder = (pi X radius squared X height) then x 8 cyl. pi is 3.141593 and r is 1.89 in and height or stroke is 3.622 in

Thinking about buying a new 1500 Chevy pick up. Will this 5.3 give me 22mpg on the Hwy?? I get 20-21 with 2014 Ford Ecoboost F150 now.. Last Chevy I bought was a K5 Blazer in 76. Could have gotten mail at the dealership I was there so much getting it fixed.

A.S.E., are all you mentally challenge, G.M. advertising it as new Gen. 327cid, it's not the same block as the 70s 327, it is a 325cid who is even worried about such a small difference in 2 different blocks, news flash, you can build either Blocks (70s or new Gen 325 ie 5.3l) to what ever hp you desire, all you need is first the know how, then the money, and last the need to get off the couch and net site, stop debating such small difference between apples and oranges and be a mechanic and build what you got to rip the rear tires off it, reading this, makes me worry and hope none of you work on cars in shops for a living, stick to working on tricycles....


The 325 is the stroke the only difference between a 350 and a 327 is two stroke the 350 got a 348 stroke cylinder bore is identical to blocks are identical

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Engine displacements are often rounded off or changed to a number that sounds better to the marketing guys.

A 5.3 is a bore out version or a 350 but bringing it up in cubic inches it's about a 355-365 probably got concrete in the heads to make it more stable and so it doesn't overheat as bad


I don't even know how to respond to that

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well, i better keep this going...i just heard on a you tube video about old muscle cars that the old 396 was actually a 402. listed as 396 to be under the insurance premium level. was that true? if so, at least there was a good reason for it:) after all the conversation around this i am inclined to believe the 5.3 is somewhere between 324 and 350 lol that's plenty close enough.

Chevy 396 and the 402 are different.

go to summit racing and look up parts for the 5.3 and they want to know if it is a 5.3/325 or a 5.3/327 so there must be some slight differences between them. how can we determine which one it is?


Ffs, can this crap fie out already!!! A 5.3 from a silverado is NOT a 327. It's not, in any way, shape or form. You know what it is in cubic inches???? WHO CARES(325), it's a 5.3!!!!! Same way NOBODY called a 327 by liters. The 327 was dead by the 70's. It's not back


Example one

Andrew are you for real? Did you even go to summit and look it up ffs? It is an option when trying to order something for the engine so yes it is a legitimate question. I don't care what size it is I would just like to make sure I am ordering parts for the correct engine.


Example 2


I don't get the same results, if you look up generic chevy parts I'm sure you'll get those choices along with many, but the ls based engine is a 5.3/325. The old school is a 327. When I enter a 2002 silverado I only get 4.8 or 5.3 as options for v8's

Go to summit home page choose make/engine search. Choose Chevrolet and then go to engine size and you will see what I mean. There is a rediculous amount of engine sizes to choose from. It is probably just a matter of whether it is a genI or genII or whatever generation the motor is.

The nastalgia factor has set in. Simple conversion may suggest it's a 323, now where's the fun in that. GM suggests it's a 327 (one of the most durable V8's ever assembled) Perhaps gear heads all around are pleased by such, I am. Though not a gear head I do feel Chevy hit a home run with it's Vortex line if engine's. The mileage these engine's are racking up is absolutely Amaricana at its best....


The 5.3 is a gen 3 or 4 depending on which one you have. The 327 is a gen 1. If you start the search by year, make, model you'll get more accurate results as the 5.3 did have a few changes over the years. Chevy made so many v8 engines, just looking up parts for a "chevy v8" isn't the best way to go about it.

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CHEVY SMALLBLOCK V-8 BORE AND STROKE 262 = 3.671" x 3.10" (Gen. I, 5.7" rod) 265 = 3.750" x 3.00" ('55-'57 Gen.I, 5.7" rod) 265 = 3.750" x 3.00" ('94-'96 Gen.II, 4.3 liter V-8 "L99", 5.94" rod) 267 = 3.500" x 3.48" (Gen.I, 5.7" rod) 283 = 3.875" x 3.00" (Gen.I, 5.7" rod) 293 = 3.779" x 3.27" ('99-later, Gen.III, "LR4" 4.8 Liter Vortec, 6.278" rod) 302 = 4.000" x 3.00" (Gen.I, 5.7" rod) 305 = 3.736" x 3.48" (Gen.I, 5.7" rod) 307 = 3.875" x 3.25" (Gen.I, 5.7" rod) 325 = 3.779" x 3.622" ('99-later, Gen.III, "LM7", "LS4 front wheel drive V-8" 5.3 Liter Vortec, 6.098" rod) 327 = 4.000" x 3.25" (Gen.I, 5.7" rod) 345 = 3.893" x 3.622" ('97-later, Gen.III, "LS1", 6.098" rod) 350 = 4.000" x 3.48" (Gen.I, 5.7" rod) 350 = 4.000" x 3.48" ('96-'01, Gen. I, Vortec, 5.7" rod) 350 = 3.900" x 3.66" ('89-'95, "LT5", in "ZR1" Corvette 32-valve DOHC, 5.74" rod) 364 = 4.000" x 3.622" ('99-later, Gen.III, "LS2", "LQ4" 6.0 Liter Vortec, 6.098" rod) 376 = 4.065" x 3.622" (2007-later, Gen. IV, "L92", Cadillac Escalade, GMC Yukon) 383 = 4.000" x 3.80" ('00, "HT 383", Gen.I truck crate motor, 5.7" rod) 400 = 4.125" x 3.75" (Gen.I, 5.565" rod) 427 = 4.125" x 4.00" (2006 Gen.IV, LS7 SBC, titanium rods) There is your answers

If you put a 382 back-lap 3/4 motor mount the the loop intact you should get about 25 more gees of horsepower!!!

eyyyye man also my good friend Christopher Columbus and Helen Keller always told me to take a 5/8 wrench to the carburetor chamber and flip the z string to the intact apprentice

Baby fish patties!

it is a 327.they round the liters off.otherwise it would be "the chevy 5.3588987217blahblahblah..."

Definitely a 350, it's really a 5.0 (305) with extra lift boosters.

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