2007 silverado new body style cc wind noise

Asked by Feb 17, 2007 at 07:20 PM about the 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT2 Crew Cab 4WD

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I PURCHASED A 2007 SILVERADO LT2 CC 4X4. Wind noise is terrible on upper drivers side doo, noise starts around 50mph and almost like the window is open at 70 mph. Any suggestions

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Hello, A couple of possibilities here: one, it can take some time getting used to a new car, especially a truck as big as a Silverado. The surface area of the truck makes for more area to be buffetted by the wind; hence, the resulting noise. Two, the windows and doors might not be perfectly sealed. I would recommend having passengers sit by them and search for drafts. If you still can't pinpoint the problem, take it back to the dealer and ask someone to hop in the truck with you for a ride. You may also want to test drive a similar truck at high speeds to see if it happens with that one. I hope this helps! CarGrrl

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I too have recently purchase a 2007 silverado 4x4 and have the same exact problem, only on the driver side upper window, no where else. I am going to do some research and if I find any solution I will post what I find. Joe

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I have the same problem. Mine looks like it's not an "air getting in" issue as much as an "air hitting" issue. The door jam naturally gets tighter between the driver and cab door. Compared to the other side I noticed the door jam on the driver's side is tighter. Also the cab door sticks out a little instead of being flush with the door, which hits wind and makes noise. Taking to dealer tommorrow.

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Take a piece of paper and put it in the door frame where you hear the noise, hold it there, then close the door, if the door is sealed properly, it will be hard to pull out without tearing the paper. If the paper pulls out, the door is not sealing properly and can be easily adjusted by the dealer, usually a door latch adjustment that will close the door tighter to the rubber weather stripping.

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I had the same problem with my new silverado.It was terrible sounding.The service manager at my dealership told me to take the aftermarket bug deflector off the front of my truck that they have been causing problems with the new body style.I did and it took all of the noises way.I cant hear anything going down the road now.Apparently the bug deflector was redirecting the wind to hit exactly on spots on the truck and make a ton of noise.On mine it was the doors and the roof.So if you have one of these on your truck try what I did and take it off.

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My silverado has wind noise coming from the silding rear window.All the trucks i drove with the solid rear did not make the road/wind noise. The dealer has ordered a solid glass to fix the problem. I will let you know how it turns out.

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I have more of a whistling noise than air noise, but I've driven mine with and without two different bug shields (long story there) and could not tell a bit of difference in wind or the whistling noise. I had to have my whole hood replaced after a paint touch-up disaster (by the dealership), and that is when my whistling noise started. I'm now wondering if it's air going through the hood or something on the hood that is not adjusted properly.


My '07 Silverado ltz has had terrible wind noise on front windshield. Sounds like rain or sleet pelting against the windshield. I also installed an aftermarket bug deflector and was thinking that must be the problem I will take it off and see if it helps.

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I to have the same noise simmiliar to that of rain or sleet hitting the windshield with neither weather conditions present. Does not happen every time but high winds sure make it more evident. 2007 LTZ extended cab 4X4.

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I also had the same problem. It is an easy fix. On each side of the windshield there is a plastic strip. Pull up on this starting at the top and run a bead of clear silicon caulk down the length to the bottom between the inside of the strip and the glass. Push down on strip and clean off excess.I did this on my truck and the noise is gone.

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I have a 2007 GMC Sierra SLT New Body style with the same wind noise near the pillar posts on both sides of the windshield. The plastic strip going down both sides of this is the culprit, and the solution GM should use is a rubber weatherstrip instead of a plastic trim piece. At high speeds, this plastic strip is vibrating against the windshield causing the noise to echo within the cab. Some people have placed a bead of clear rtv silicone along the inside of these strips to act as a shock absorber of sorts. This will work, but eventually GM will have a technical service bulletin come out with a more permanent repair. The noise is evident from around 50 mph and up on all new body style GMC and Chevy pickups. The bug shield is not the problem here, so please do not let the dealership try to get you to remove them. Air flow across hoods of any vehicle can get distorted, but this is not the problem with these trucks. I have worked on vehicles for over 33 years professionally, and the trim pieces are the problem here. Hope this helps.

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For those of you with this problem, to perform a test to eliminate this wind noise problem, place either some masking tape or electrical tape down both the left and right windshield pillar post's plastic trim on the outside of the windshield. Then take the truck out for a test drive and get it above 50 mph. This noise should have gone away, and it will reveal to you that the plastic trim GM is using at both sides of the windshield is the problem. If the noise is still there, then tape the top outside edge of the windshield and repeat the test drive. I think you'll be surprised. Do not use duct tape for this test. Duct tape tends to leave behind a very sticky residue, and may even pull some of your trim molding off when you go to remove it.

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We had the same sort of problem with our 2007 Silverado, loud whistling sound. It sounded like a door was open.After a long stay at two different dealers, they found a small pin hole in the seal around the windshield. They also changed the heater box. There was less noise when the air recyle was on. Now we have a loud cracking and popping sound coming from the inside of the cab.It happens at low speeds <25mph and in hummid conditions. The dealer says it is the metal in the frame. They want to put insulation over it to stop the noise but that will not fix the problem. Is there anyone that has this popping noise? MarieE

I experienced the driver door wind noise at 50 MPH plus for the first year before I decided it was driving me crazy. I chose a 17 degree F day to finally figure out what was going on... why didn't I do this in the fall?? Turns out it is quite simple. If you hold on to the rear door at the top and pull out, it is clearly not latched at the top. I opened the door and closed it holding onto the top, it latched and I sped down the road without any noise whatsoever. Grrr.. Guess the dealer needs to adjust it, or maybe just wait for the seals to shrink over time. Hope this helped. Bye the way, now I really love this truck :o)

its not just new body my 04 did it and its tht bug shield

any body there i got a question

hey there i own a 2007 chevy silverado crew cab the one that is all decked out it to had a sound like that i took it to my friend that runs a body shop he found the trouble all it was was the side trim on the winshield all it needed was double sided tape it fixed the problem its all a ok now thnx handyman

i also own a 2007 extend can 4x4 silverado same thig i fixed the prob;em with double sided tape on the winshield trim its a ok also now


I have the same popping sound in my 2009, it first happened when my vehicle stayed out in the rain for a couple of days and has been doing it since. I think it is the weather stripping sticking to the metal on the doors and when they flex going over unlevel surfaces or turning corners at slow speed it sound like popcorn popping in the vehicle but it goes away after a short while only to start the next time I use the vehicle.

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Just got my 07 Silverado fixed today. Sounded like hail hitting the windshield above 60 mph. Easy fix. Put double sided tape under the stripping on the sides of the windshield. This will solve the problem.


did you put the double sided tape down the whole lenght of the windshield stripping

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sounds like a wheel hub bearing.. if it gets louder as you drive. but if you have mud tires they will b loud and make more noise as you driver


I have the same sound in my 2008 silverado, it is the wide weather strip that runs along the top of the cab. To fix it you have to lube it with silicone grease. You have to lube the inside between the weather strip and the cab, and the outside where the doors contact the weather strip. Silicone spray does work but it doesn't last long. Hope this helps.

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we offer a kit that solves this issues at www.gmwindnoisekit.com

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I also have a 2007 Chevy Silverado 1500 4x4 Truck. Have researched this noise problem as I am ready to ditch mine due to this problem. Seems our trim package as compared to GMC model is inferior in that we did not get the door trim or floor dampening that GMC models have. I am in process of asking if door trim and/or floor dampening mats/ etc, and/or recommended tires can help us. OR, should we just pay the money and buy GMC to be happy. ????

I had a 2002 Silverado that was quiet till I put a bug shield on the front .then it sounded like a freight train was coming through

In regard to wind noise on 07 LTZ Siverado short bed trucks and sun roof water leaks. If it sounds like it is coming from front windshield area, a buzzing noise, especially if you have the bug deflector mounted, then have a professional glass company re seal your windshield. This resolved my buzzing noise! Now I have to figure out sun roof water leak.Truck only has 85k drains not clogged they are clear, third light has been resealed. Does not leak going through car wash or driving in rain. Only when sitting in slow steady rain. Driving me crazy. My wifes 04 envoy with 90k has same issue! Now its broken because someone hit the open switch when I had it duck taped to confirm source of water entering vehicle. Really getting frustrated with GM Products! DM dmitchellassoc@aol.com

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