how long does a grand cherokee last? (mileage wise)

Asked by Jan 14, 2007 at 06:31 PM about the 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4WD

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how long does a grand cherokee 1999 last? (mileage wise)
i would like to buy one but do you know if this car have some problem ???

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The problem with buying a used car is that you have no idea how well the previous owner treated the car. A car can run well for a long time if the it has been taken car of by its owners (proper maintenance, oil changes...) Generael consensus by Grand Cherokee drivers is that the brakes are an area of concern. It seems that many people have had to replace the brakes quite a few times so make sure to check those out before you purchase a Grand Cherokee. I drove a 99 Grand Cherokee until it had 160,000 miles on it so i can tell you from personal experience. I had to replace the transmission at 130,000 miles and the brakes had to be changed also. There were a few smaller problems with the vehicle but I can also tell you that I drove this car for 4 years and loved it. It can handle any weather thrown at it and the gas mileage wasn't terrible considering its an SUV.

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I had a 1999 Grand Cherokee Limited V8. Air conditioning seemed to have difficulty keeping car cool in the summer. I agree about the brakes. Poor pedal feel and always seeming to need repair. Constant whine from rear axle. Never able to determine cause. Became very irritating on long drives. Never the less, great car for bad weather.

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I still have mine. It has 137000+ on it. It still runs good too. I have to replace the real ball bearings and axles though

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i've got 200k on mine. Just blew up a trans. Motor still running strong. I offroad mine a ton though..that's why tranny went

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Have a 97 Grand Cherokee with 115,000,runs good. I also have a 93 Grand Cherokee with 245,000. Runs good,everything works but now having what I believe to be security system/computer problems. Starts but immediately stalls.

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i have a 2000 with over 300000 km still runs great

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i have owned 6 jeeps nd the highest K i seen was 450000 straight 6 is known to last longer then the v8 i personaly get ride of my jeeps at about 300000 k

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ive got a 95 grand cherokee laredo with around 230,000 miles on it

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and its still running

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i no someone with the 4.0 with 368,000 miles original motor and trans

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Verify brake calipers are changed. Originals have tsb issued to replace.cause rotor warping prematurely

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I have a grand Cherokee Laredo 4x2 with 177.000. Last year I went from Cartagena, Colombia all the way south to Santiago, Chile and back to Colombia. The Cherokee performed excellent but lately I have noticed that when i turn left it looses traction, I think is something with the differential but dont know exactly what. Any suggestions out there?

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I have a 2005 Laredo that I purchased new. I drive a lot so I have 167300 miles on it now. Tires never seem to hold up as well as I would like but the only major thing I have none is rebuild the rear axle. I average about 30000 miles a year and the gas mileage is not that bad for a SUV. I am very curious to see how many miles it will go before it surrenders.

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My 95 XJ Cherokee Country has 240,000 miles and is going strong. Original 4.0 straight 6.

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i sold my 1994 grand cherokee 4,0 with 485,000 km on the clock,and its stil going strong,the guy that has it now says it has 540,000 km ,only landrovers last as long as jeeps,any jappcrapp or would be jeep will be in the junkyard by half the miles a jeep lasts.

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I have a 96 Grand Cherokee with 265,000 on her. engine and tranny run great still.

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Ok im looking to get a 2006 jeep Cherokee and it has 168,000 miles on it I just want to know was that good?

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I have a '99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and from all the research and my own experience..Mine now has 245,000 miles on it..that the 4.0 v6 and the v8 are strong motors and will go for a long time but everything else sucks..ex: Brakes need to be done almost every 9 months, typical problem with the AC Recirc doors and the blend doors tend to brake on all models and there seems to be a trend with having strange noises that you can't figure what is causing but other than that they can take a hard licking and keep going.


?I also am looking at a Jeep Grand and and its very nice, however it has 200k. The body looks absolutely fantastic. I am only going to buy it for pulling a trailer for camping.... Help...!!... Should I buy or stay away?

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Will a v6 3.0 motor out of a 1990 4 runner fit in a 1999 jeep Cherokee sport

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I now have 203,000 mi on my 2004 GC Laredo 4.0 six and have had few problems: radiator, water pump, idler pulley and a couple of window regulators are the only problems I've had. I maintain the car with meticulous care and religiously keep records. Granted most of my miles are Calif freeway miles but all-in-all this is one of the best cars I've ever owned. If you can find a clean one with good maintenance records buy it!

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I have a 1999 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo and it has 220000 on it. The trans. has been rebuilt once and now it runs great. There are a few noises its making in the back but they are easy fixes. The window motors have went out a couple of times in the back. However I haven't had much trouble with the breaks. I would recommend, if it needs work, doing the work yourself. Its pretty easy and all on YouTube.

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had the IS model and got 600,000 miles on it before it died

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I have a 65 grand cherokee limited 5.2liter it just turned 300 thousand miles best way to know is take a mechanic with you


i have a 1999 @ 190,000 running awesome. cold ac. some parts have gone bad. water pump, oil pump, shocks, springs but seems normal. fixed headlines - the usual.


I have a 4X4 all time V8 1997Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and I have 230768 miles on it... I off road it up in the mountains.... only problems I have encountered is it starts n then stalls have to give it gas to keep@ idle only when cold and then fires up every time, but other than that brakes go out on it fast like every 9 months but I have been told I ride the brakes too, They have good motors etc the body can handle a lot doesn't dent easily ... I LOVE MY JEEP, But I also take it to the mechanic regular.... JEEPS go everywhere n I have only gotten stuck once in it ;) and yes I am a Woman.

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My 99 Grand Cherokee Laredo hae 226K plus

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I am the original owner of a 2006 GC Laredo with the 4.7L V-8. It now has 141300 miles on it and runs great. I do as much maintenance /repairs as I can on my own. As far as parts go only a water pump, alternator, starter. The rest is normal PM or wear items like brakes, tires, battery, belt and 3 puter sensors. I'm big on changing all fluids, not just motor oil, regularly such as tranny, differentials, transfer case, coolant, PS and brake fluids. My engine oil never went over 5,000 miles before it got changed with whatever name brand I could find on sale or clearance, in the correct weight (5W-30) and a decent filter. Jeeps do have some quirky electrical gremlins however that can be a PITA. Not sure I'd buy one from FCA.

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2000 Grand Cherokee 6 cylinder engine 200000 miles and going as good as a new one , my 91 Cherokee I drove it almost 300,000 miles and I sold it for the same $500 a bottle it for . I love Jeep supposedly Jeep have one of the highest customer retention of any vehicle maintenance maintenance maintenance mileage sometimes can be irrelevant specially if it's all highway mileage I have been in the automotive repair business for 38 years before my accident and I could tell you sometimes Automotive have more problems from sitting down and not from using them , don't be afraid to go up on the highway and open it up every once in awhile to the speed limit +- ??? every once in awhile I use Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner in the fuel tank ( I am not promoting anybody or anything ) the way I do it is by adding 4 or 5 Oz on a low fuel tank (almost empty ) and drivers for about 10-15 miles then go fill up. oil wise I have found over the years that using the product called engine restore ( it comes in a silver can ) have made me get more miles out of an engine . after I purchased my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee one year ago I noticed that the previous owner had remove the thermostat that was a red flag , then I realize what's going on it needs a head gasket there is a seepage somewhere inside the head , I have been driving it for year with some condition no problem , today it over heat on me and I might have to do something about it finally , when you have a high mileage engine the last thing you want to do is a complete valve job simply the bottom and cannot handle it , it won't be long before you blow up the whole engine , doing a head gasket that's something else

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My 1995 Grand Cherokee limited going strong at 390,000 miles. Original transmission and block.

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2004 Grand Cherokee Limited W/ 238K + miles. Trying to sell it but when I tell people the mileage, they don't even come look at it. The interior looks practically new.

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As does the Engine

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So I think I'm just going to keep it

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I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 4.7L with 244000 miles still Running excellent. I use it for work alot of Highway driving. I also have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 4.7l with 164000 miles in excellent shape and runs excellent. Alot of highway driving also use it for work and do alot of commuting. I Love my Jeeps and if you do regular oil changes every 3000 miles and regular maintenance they will last a long time.

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I've got a 1993 JGC Laredo (4.0L I6, Automatic) with 187K miles and it runs better than most newer used vehicles I see on the road. Take care of it and it'll run forever. I have no doubt I'll be enjoying confident road trips in mine for years to come. The biggest repairs I've had have been a change out of suspension and all things steering (the owner before me took if mudding) and transmission tune-up for posterity sake.

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I own a 2000 jeep grand Cherokee 4.7 v8 it has 225200 and its still running strong. I've changed the radiator twice due to AC problems. I added a toggle switch to the radiator fan motor and that fix my overheating problem. I never take it to the dealer I fix it myself because the jeep is simple to work on.

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Remove the thermostat and throw it out , if you live in a hot climate you could do without thermostat all year long

My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee has over 190,00 miles. In 2006, I had another engine installed and since then have put two batteries, axles, etc totaling about $1300.00 up until now. It stops when I am at a light unless it is rammed up but it has stopped as I was driving. This vehicle is exactly 18 years old because I got it in December 1999. I am tired and looking anew. This is my second one. I kept it for four years. Its time to let go and go on. No more Chryslers for me. I am need of a new look and style. But I am having a time with these crossovers. Are they station wagons because they definitely are not sports utility vehicles. I am a woman and I have driven sport utilities for the last 25 years although I have a sportswear. I love the sport utility especially I was the first in my family and job and the people thought I was crazy. There was a time, women were not driving sports utility vehicles. Anyway, I am tired of paying out all these prices.


I have 1997 grand cherokee w/227000 miles and runing strong .if you own this Suv and have dead wobble .simple .change track bar .struts .and stabilizer. You will be is like new.tuning and this suv.people underestimate this kind of car .my friend had bought 3 cars and browned already them and me with my jeep.jaja

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I have a 1998 jeep GC Laredo 4x4. Use full synthetic, had 12 years, mint condition, did some recent work on track bar, original inline 6 cyl 310000 miles, awesome car, I keep it up ,minor costs still have original motor and transmission my mechanic says will last at least another 200k, no interior or exterior blemish. I wish jeep would go back to making these--- they are bullet proof! :)

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I have a 2008 JCG with 155,000 mostly highway miles and the engine is still really smooth like new..The drivers seat is splitting on one side due to a bad design and being vinyl. The transmission cooler valve wouldn't function and needed replacement. Transmission went out because of overheating and driving 1000 miles in one day but they got the valve taken out and it runs smooth again. Jeep wanted to replace transmission for $10k. Found someone to fix for $2700.00 but didn't fix it. Found the problem after much trouble next day. It was only $45.00 part. Jeep has been great so far. No expensive problems at all. Knock on wood. Last jGC had 166k on it. Coolant Hose broke.Felt like easily could have gone 100k more. really liked that car.

We have a 2011 Grand Cherokee 4x4 Overland V8 HEMI. JUST BROKE IN AT 95,000 miles. Going good so far. We bought a 1991 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4.0 4x4 XJ WITH 223,000 miles. Did some minor repairs and cleaned it up. Drives strong. I have heard these 4.0 straight 6 cylinder engines last to 500,000 miles and beyond! Bot sure how our hemi will do in the 2011. Would live to hear about any newer Jeep Grand Cherokees with HEMI and 4x4 to know how long those engines go before timing chain or other problems!!!!!

2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Rocky Mountain Edition. I have 210,000 miles on it. Starting to have a number of smaller issues (bad oil pressure sensor, seat belt electrical short, leaking sunroof, hard start, etc). Engine holding up great. Have had to replace radiator, plus other minor repairs, otherwise a very solid vehicle.

Today, my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland just rolled 162000 miles. Still runs great!

I have a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I purchased new. It's a full time 4 wheel drive 8 cylinder, 5.2 liter. It has 206,000 miles on it. It gets regular oil changes and maintenance, has a 3" lift kit, 31" tires, a Borla exhaust, and K&N air filter. Original engine and transmission. I use the parking brake every time I park, so that's probably why I've never had transmission issues even though they're known to have them. I also go long periods between needing brakes. I n the past couple of years, I had slotted rotors put on it, so now it stops better than it ever did. As far as tires go, I found that BFG's held up the longest (50,000 miles) and have incredible traction. I'm looking to get a newer one within a few years.

I just leased a 2018 Jeep GC limited and love it. However, I kept my 2004 as a backup because I didn't want to part with it. I am about to roll over 200k miles and the car still runs strong. I've had to to replace the radiator, ignition coil, rear axle seal, head gasket but these are all minor in my opinion. Original engine and transmission.

I have a 2003 Jeep Grand 2.7 CRD still running. She has done just over 405,000 km approx 251,600 miles. Have some low oil pressure issues I think my garage used a 5/30 on the last oil change I believe. So before I go rant at them is 10/40 the correct ? Thanks for any advise Kind regards - Derek

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