Is a 99 jeep cherokee witha Inline 6 a good choice???

Asked by Mar 10, 2009 at 09:00 PM about the 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

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Looking to buy one for the wife!  Is it a good motor? Reliable? Gas mileage?

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it is alright i have a 98 with a v8 i like the ones before 99 because they arent as much plastic and are tougher. no matter what kind of jeep you get unless you get a brand new one you will probably get less then 20 miles the the gallon. but as far as the whole thing goes mine is different but i love it.

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The 6 cylinder Jeeps are nearly indestructible. Great engine. I own a 1994 with a 6 in it and it has 276,000 miles and runs like brand new. The body sure shows the age, but the engine runs like a top.

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Great vehicle. If you are looking for a reliable SUV, this is the way to go. I have a 97 Grand Cherokee Laredo with 203 thousand miles on it and I have no problems what-so-ever. It runs great and has lots of power. In the four years I have owned it, the most expensive fix was replacing the tires. Other than that, I have had to replace the a few bulbs and put in a couple new speakers, but that is it. I would strongly recommend. As far as gas mileage goes, it is not the best. It has an on-board computer that shows you how much you are getting and the average you are getting. I normally make between 14 and 15. Not great, but it does have a 22 gallon fuel tank, so you can go a ways without filling up. The Inline 6 is the best engine ever put in a Jeep. Most likely, the only repairs you will ever have to do to the engine, is changing the oil. Great vehicle, hope this helps.

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i own a 99 wj myself. the 4.0l is damn near indestructible. its decent on gas if you dont have a lead foot. i get about 14-16 city and 20 highway. the 4.0 has plenty of power. It came highly recommended to me over the 4.7 v8. parts arent as easily accessible as the 4.0 and gas mileage is very similar between them. my jeep has 135k miles and still running stong.

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good vehicle for sure! but if you can find a 4.7 v8 get it.. it gets better gas mileage and has quite a bit more power

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its a great engine. i have it with a k&n intake with a duramax cat back and i run valvoline durablend synthetic mix 5w30 with no drips at all and no burning of oil. i have a lead foot and pull 16.9 mpg out of it on regular fuel and seafoam every 4,000 miles

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the v8 will average 18-24 city highway.. at least mine did before the 33" km2's.. now with a big lift and tires i still get about 17-18 without a re-gear


extremely reliable. i have a tj with a 4.0l in it and if i put 90 octane fuel in it i can get consitantly 22 miles to the gallon(imp) on the high way going no faster than 100km/hr.

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why 90? does the mpg overcome the boost in price?

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From my experience, the I6 feels a little overburdened in the WJ Grand Cherokee. The 4.7L V8 will take that away, plus it sounds great. However, I would never discourage anyone from a WJ with the six. Again, in my experience, I've never seen a problem with it and it will get the same gas mileage as the V8, if you are careful on the accelerator.

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Gas mileage on a 96 was about 18-20 depending on driving style. I ran it for about 10000 miles trying to keep up with a leaky radiator.... and not always doing a good job at that... held up pretty good till I lost compression in a cylinder at 146000.


I've had my 98 grand cherokee for over 4 years now-the worst thing i've had to do to it was the front universal joints on the axle-other than that- its a tank in the snow and i've put over 100k on it and it still runs and drives like a dream.I do reccomend the inline 6 as upposed to the V-8-theres not as much friction on a straight 6 because the cyliders just go straight up and down as upposed to the V8-the 4 liter has plenty of power for the weight of the vehicle.

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If it was taken care of, the 4.0 six is pretty much bulletproof. I've seen them go well over 200k and still run fine. It's torquey, and will give you better gas mileage than the 4.7 V8 if that's important.

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the old jeep are great. i havent seen a bad yet. my eagle has the 4.2 l6 and it hasnt failed me yed.

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the old jeep engines are great. corection to my last post

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yes, its a great vehicle in general, reasonm being, the parts are EVERYWHERE, especially for grand cherokees, number 2 they last over 100,000miles easy, usually at 100,000 allot of other cars would be getting tired. The motor that your talking about the inline 6 is accually an AMC motor carried over from when jeep was owned by AMC, that motor especially is notorious for outlasting most other SUV motors.


Yes rob very true..I own a 94 myself with a in line 6..I have 244,000 on it but I just replaced the motor..with a younger lady..77,000 on the new I never changed the oil on it and I was I. The wrong for it..I wont make that mistake again...the only problem I have now is it has a hard start to it..I have to apply the gas pedal alittle. For it to start..but once its starts u can't tell its on..what can be the problem..I have all new parts..fuel filter and pump..starter and everything else...could it need time for the computer to reset... I drove it 35 miles on the new motor...thanks...

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i got a 95 with that engine and it runs like a champ. very reliable. gets only 11 mpg

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I have a 96 inline 6 awesome power love it will never get rid of it !!!!!

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The inline six cylinder has been around a long time and is a well proven engine for long givity, reliablity and as most six's quite torquey. Mine is a 199 Grand Cherokee V8, 4.7L which loves fuel. I wish I had the six! The v8 better for towing heavier loads. My Jeep has 173,000 on it, does not use oil is still powerful. Hope this helps you!!

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I have 247xxx miles on an inline 6 4.0 and on original motor and transmission just basic upkeep keeps the ole 4.0 going

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I've had a 88 Cherokee 4x4 auto with the 4.0 six, 150k miles. Great and reliable. only weakness was cooling system was designed with the temp switch in wrong are which causes overheating in summer. Did a manual override switch to the aux fan relay to cool it down when to reached higher temps. another 95 Cherokee Sport 4x4 4.0 six auto, 200k miles. Exhaust manifold welds fail with high miles. easy fix. Both very solid and reliable 4x4 vehicles with decent gas mileage. have a 95 Grand Cherokee Limited AWD 5.2 V8 with 180k miles. MPG is about 5 less then the 4.0 and would prefer the Select Trac or Quadra Trac so I can switch it to 2WD. EGR that get clogged and Intake plenum gaskets fail with higher mileage and make it idle or run rough. If I ever sell the Grand I'll go back to a regular Cherokee with the six again.

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I have a 2004 grand cherokee with the 4.0 I6. Expanded plastic air intake opening by heating and stretching over wood. Went to 28mpg. Added T in vacuum line for interior air control, put a little filter at end. Went to 36mpg with tail wind, 33mpg without. Imperial gallons, same 325 mile trip, fill ups right up the spout and calculated. Computer can't sense this after throttle body air but shows over 25mpg US on overhead readout.

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I have a 1996 cherokee with 314,000 klm's on it, there is a noise in the engine my mechanic says the noise isthe inline 6 has plastic timing gears

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Well all I know is that I have the ultimate best 1997 grand Cherokee Laredo with the inline 6 it has 235000 miles on it .it also has the option of 2wd unlike all the other jeeps from 1990 to like the year 2000 or something. It literally it the best suv out there within those years I bought it for 1,850 off Craigslist with salvaged title... And I f****** love it!!! If your looking for an SUV with ok mpg that has 4wd get the 97 grand Cherokee or 96 inline 6 with a high output motor....theyre good as well... My jeep runs very strong to this day and I bought it when it had 18700 miles on it and haven't had to do anything major to it, I have replaced the tires ..700.00 later but it was worth it ... I just did a full tune up to it wich was 300.00 and I have replaced the radiator and the thermostat which is pretty normal after 200,000 miles.. But that's it!!and anybody who says they are overburdened is hi because mine straight gets it! and I want to race a v8 because mine will win know that lol for real's though....any body wana race for pinks lets do it to it.....actually even if a v8 won I wouldn't want it not for pinks jk about that but I will race...k see you all later and I hope you all like my answer .

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I got a 04 Grand Cherokee. Got it with 50k in 08. Now at 90k still runs like a champ. Just do maintenance on it(oil changes, plugs, air filter, fuel injector cleaner, coolant change). The straight six isn't as powerful as the 4.7 V8 but its much more reliable. I see so many more issues with v8 then I6. Toughest and Best engine every made. 14 city and 20mpg highway. Its a tank in the snow also. Could not have asked for a better SUV

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I have a 4.0 jeep Grand Cherokee 1996 with 342,000 miles on it I brought it with 270,000 It runs excellent only thing I've changed was a radiator and the main pully at the bottom an a major tune up that all was bad when I brought the jeep but I had absolutely no more problems with it I drove it out of town several times only thing wrong with it is gas mileage but if you encounter any engine problems parts are very cheap for jeeps another plus


98 GC with 4.0. 180K. Smooth as glass. Done some of the normal repair/maintenance. Just so much fun to drive!

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My straight six is bulletproof. I have a 99 Cherokee and there is only one downside, gas mileage. I average around 13 mpg on a good day

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I too have a 99 grand cherokee bought it with 60000 and in the 4 months I've had it have put 15000 on it replaced front axles had to change the radiator the most stupid design ever about to fix the most notorious with jeeps of 99-04 and that is the blend doors whata nightmare that is going to be but with all that said I love my il6 and plan to drive it for many years to come I'm averaging about 16 mpg and suggest this suv for the long haul

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I own a 1996 grand Cherokee laredo,it has263,265 and purrs like a kitten,I do all my own mechanical work so I know ill have this little gem for many years n miles to come and it for next to nothing,put fuel pump n it67$.I'm happy as hell

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The engine has a great reputation but the rest of the car has an appalling reputation even though some people have good luck with them. I would guess that the bad ones out number the good ones at least 10 to 1.

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I have a grand cherokee 4.0 I've owned mines 6yrs no problems bullet proof engine only thing I replaced was a pully an a power steering pump a that stuff was dirt cheap I have 359,000 miles on it now brought it with 270,000 very reliable thirsty but gas cheap now and please stay away from the 4.7 V8s there junk inline 6 baby

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I'very owned my GCL since 99 with the 4.7 V8, as a new purchase. In yr 6 I had an oil change with flush (yes that was stupid, and I'll never do that again) which dislodged plaque in the cylinder which clogged the oil return killing my engine at 74k mi. The guages were no help as they were stuck in normal readings until SHTF. I had the engine replaced with a new Jeep engine for $5000. Before the engine replacement I got 24-28 on the hwy and 16-20 in the city averages. After I get between 12-15 in the city and barely 20 on the highway. I have 130k mi on the replacement engine which other than belts and fluids has needed little to no work. I've replaced both front transaxle (2 due to the full time 4x4 transfer system) and had the transfer case rebuilt. After paying the financing off in the 5th year the vehicle has proven to be an outstanding cost per use workhorse. It's 16+ yrs old yet competes on the road when needed, is great for out of city driving as well as a road trip. Handles all weather in stride and will help defend you against the Zombie apocalypse. The older ones are great if you can find them in good condition.

well, I own a 1999 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo and in the bypass or interstate i get around 17MPH but again I only did it for a weekend. but on the blacktops and highways in IA i get around 15 MPH I put n the cheap stuff (super unleaded) so far what i have experienced was it runs great, never had a failure besides when i fixed my tail light (burned out) i left it on just to i could listen to music, and i judt let it,run the gauges is where i left it, t turns off after about 20 min i think. other wide great nothing bad to say. My turn signal box pops out every once and a while i just wiggle it around and it goes back in. that's all i have had a bad experience with. I would recommend the get jeep

haha sorry its a bit late


Inline 6 best engine chrysler every built more reliable than these new jeep engines go for it

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