why do some people say bmw sucks??


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cause they cant afford it they are haters hehe

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because they are haters. although i do believe bmw is overrated by many.

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who hates bmw?


Have you ever driven a BMW thats less than 10 years old ?

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Yep. I've drove a 325 and a 328. Can't remember the exact years but it was around 04-05 I do believe. Hated both. I also drove a 4.0 x5 which I thougt was amazing on the othe hand. I also drove a 2003 7-series which was baller. I just don't think BMW is amazing as a lot of people say. Example: somebody driving a 2004 3-series thinks because it's a BMW it's baller. Well simple fact is they aren't. Cars I drove handled like shit and accelerated like garbage(3-series). I also didn't like the feel of the brakes.

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sounds like you have driving Chrysler's not BMW's ! Are you saying that your 300c drives better than a 03 7 series ? And they are better 'cos they are BMW's , They didn't get the reputation for nothing !!!! And you failed to mention that the build quality is 10 times better than anything built in the states !!! and if you think they handle like shit you are probably used to grazing your elbow every time you go around a corner in your 300c !!

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You don't read well do you??? I said the 7-series was baller. I said the x5 was awesome. Only cars I said I didn like was the 3 series. And the build quality is not better. This is what I'm talking about. You say it's better Because it's BMW. I find that funny because I've continually gone to the BMW/Porsche dealership here looking for a good car to buy but I continually find water pumps being replaced at 100k miles on their 3 series. If build quality was so good 200k miles should be a piece of cake for a water pump. Their maintenance costs is comparison to American vehicles is also ridiculously high. An oil change is $100 or more for fucks sake. I like some bmws but they aren't nearly as great as many think. Overrated like I said earlier. Oh and do some research on a 300C with sport suspension handling. You will see it's actually very good for a 4300 lb car.

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You should know that pricing has to do with import tax and so on, the water pumps you can put down to total lack of servicing due to the afore mentioned cost of owning a BMW ! but I would have thought that the warranty would cover the water pump at 100k ! Also a lot of people stretch their finances just to get a BMW they can't afford to maintain them ! the oil change is $100 because you need quality oil for quality engineering, you get what you pay for ! as for the 3 series, you should go and take the 335i for a drive ! And are you saying you had to modify your 300c to get it to go around a corner !


ive heard lots of good things about the 335. sounds like it would have good performance from what ive read. but that doesnt change what i think of the 2 different 3-series ive drove. and the oil change is ridic because its what bmw charges for it. i get a full synthetic oil change done on my 5.7L hemi everytime and i pay $60-$70. and the 300C i have is stock. the 300C comes with 3 different options for the suspension. standard, touring, and sport i believe are the 3 options. mine is sport. it handles great. the srt8 300C also gets praise for its handling. and btw, the quality engineering you speak of requiring quality oil doesnt make too much sense considering the hemi is one of the best engines in the world. id def rather have a hemi than an engine from bmw. not knocking the bmw motors so dont take it the wrong way. im just saying i believe the hemi is a better engine. like ive stated from the beginning...bmw is a good company and makes some good cars but they are overrated by many. id def rather have a merc than a bmw. but id def rather have a bmw than an audi/vw.

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have you even driven any of the m series cars ?


No but I really want to. Although from what I've read I think I'd rather drive a slightly older m3 than a newer one because of the weight.


Hi Chase, you're right the extra cost for an oil change makes no sense, even at a regular local shop it's extra! Although you are wrong about the Hemi engine versus the BMW engine regarding the tech involved in the BMW engine. I love the Hemi and am a huge fan of amercian muscle, even owned two 'stangs but the quality in the materials inside the BMW does not compare to most amercians. The finishing is also not to be compared. The price difference of the vehicles is mostly because of engineering, technology, materials and workmanship...simply more expensive than Dodge. Don't get this wrong but if yo didn't think the Bimmers you tried did not have great handling it may be because you dont quite know what to look for. It's not gona handle like a go-kart. In the 60's-70's BMW started to produce race cars with 50/50 wheight distribution and sweept the competition (american) in most touring classes...that technology was transfered to road cars and the handling history started. Now BMW have amongst the best steering response and handling in the world, and unfortunately for your test drives, those are facts not opinions. Therefore if someone says it is overrated it's because they don't have enough experience in such areas. Your choice of vehicle confirms it. I actually like the 300 but you have to realize it is not in the same class. I ditched my american cars a few years ago and stepped in the total package. I wasn't expecting to beat Hemi's or High output V8's with my 330CI but if on a circuit track, unless racing a Hemi Challenger or a Shelby I woud take the victory. My top speed is as high or higher than Hemi's and the handling of a stock BMW vs stock Dodge, GM, Ford is unmatched. Another reason why it could be overrated is because it is a sports car and people expect it to be as fast as a Ferrari but it's a BMW....speed, great comfort and luxury, supreme technology, supreme styling (opinion), supreme engineering, supreme steering response and supreme handling. This car suits my driving style (open wheel racer) and gives me great confort and luxury. As an everyday car, BMW excels in every area. Not just a great engine on wheels like many americans The only down side is that too mane people view these cars as a status and are even snobish because they have a BMW. The real drivers buy the car not the badge. It IS the ultimate drving machine. Ps, if you know about BMW then you would also know that the 328-325-323-318-316 are actually known and produced to have smaller and slower engines but bring the luxury, comfort, steering response and handling to people who only look for those attributes, not for speed. Have you ever heard anyone at BMW praise the speed of the smaller 3's? NO! That's meant to be.

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Ugly shark fin (some people like it; I would never buy a car with it ... it's completely tacky). And the headlights on the new ones are tacky. WTF are they thinking? Anyways, I've been in a 3-series, M3, X5, 530 and 750. Seven series and M3 were nice. Rest were okay, but nothing to brag about.

I am perfectly happy with my 3 series; she is beautiful and drives like a dream (fast and sexy)! BMW328xi . . . BMW is number 1 in my book I am a single mother of two: make just over $68,000/year. I am not rich.


And whenever I race ahead of those BMW driving jackasses I always show my middle finger to them because their overpriced elitist junks on wheels can never be cool as my muscle car.


BMW is for arrogant corporate jackasses who have no knowledge about cars. A good car is the one which makes you smile with its power and engine note. And BMW has neither got power nor a good engine note. Call me a hooligan, a brute or whatever you like, but the fact is fact, all those Mercedes Benz, BMW and Jag owners are nothing more than arrogant elitists who know nothing about cars.

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If it is such a great car, why shouldn't it last like any other car? The company says the first 2 years are maintenance free-woo woo! that's 2 oil changes. Why is the computer system so dumb, it has to be told there is a new battery in the car so you can be ripped off by the dealer for a "reset" of the computer so it will not overcharge the battery? Why do they put on aluminum "one time use" bolts? You can bet the racer teams toss them and go to steel bolts. The coil packs do not last, and BMW says replace them all if one goes bad. This car is supposed to be engineered like no other-thank goodness for that.

Ayhhhhhhh come on :/ every body knows bmw sucks:/ bmwc is even worst than honda and mitsubishi :D XD XD Lllooollll

All bmw s have engine bearing issues and bmw Couldnt Solve it From Past Until Right NoW LOoooooOOoOoOL XD XD

And if BMW is so well known for its engineering, then how come after a certain amount of miles the water pump or the thermostat fails. Why because majority of their parts are 80 to 90 percent plastic. Which I think is stupid because why would you make engine parts out of plastic knowing that cars go through harsh winters and very hot summers if plastic is exposed to too much heat or cold plastic will get brittle and break . Now don't get my wrong I have driven a 1998 BMW 528i and I must say they do handle the road very well but the only reason n most people buy bmws is because of the drive and handling that's the only thing keeping them alive. Hell I have a 1998 lexus gs300 and it has well over 300,000 miles and still going strong. O I almost forgot bmws cup holders suck ass


Because they can say anything they want.

Just brought 2011 BMW 328 xi to dealer, bought new, always had it serviced at dealer, 105K miles on it: Tie Rods Frozen, ruined tires that only had 22,000 miles on them. $1,000 to fixThey were checked in Jan, failed in March? Cracked Valve cover, $1,200 to fix, Dealer said all this was normal with cars, I've owned Toyota's, Honda's never had anything like this happen. That's why BMW's SUCK. They are crap.

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