does anyone have an edge with 200,000 miles? i drive over 70,000 a year and was thinking of buying, but not sure how durable an edge over the long haul.


Asked by Jan 21, 2012 at 02:16 PM about the Ford Edge

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as long as you keep up maintance on it,it should be fine.

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Mine is almost 100k. The only things I have had to replace were a throttle body (under warranty) and a cooling fan ($600). Outside of that, you may have to get your PCM and trans flashed every once in a while.

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I have mind since over a year with 30K done yet and not a single problems the truck is 55k now

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Ok thank you all for the info. I just don't want to spend 40k and be in the shop. I will definitely keep up the maintenance.


You will want to replace spark plugs every year just to keep them from seizing in the heads. They're a two piece plug and can break off requiring head removal. Autolite now makes a one piece unit that is stronger and less prone to the problem. The only other concern I would have would be the timing chain but if those are highway miles at steady speeds that's not nearly as much concern as stop and go city driving would be. We are enjoying our 08 which has been mostly trouble free requiring maintenance only for over 40K now.

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Mike: What's the scoop on the timing chain?

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Avoid an awd, unless u actually need the awd. the ptu tends to be higher maintence, seals leaking. as far as sparks go the edges do not have any problems, and dont stick an autolight in a ford, it'll just lead to future drivability problems. the only problems with then edges would be the my touch system. it works great when it works but there are man bugs still being worked out with program updates. also stay away from the 22 inch wheels, you'll spend a fortune in tires, about $300 for a factory replacement

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autolite are exellent spark plugs.autolite and motocraft are the same spark plugs and are both made by honeywell.when you by autolite your buying the same plugs you would get at your ford dealer.ive been using autolite plugs for 21 years in my fords with no problems.including a 2002 edge 4.0,a 2004 ranger 3.0 and now my 2008 ranger 4.0 wich have all been very good trucks.

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Timing chains will stretch with lots of shifting. Steady speed has little effect but a rapid change in speed with all the momentum built up on the chain driven components can cause stretch. However, I'm seeing 200-300K mileage since they quit using the nylon gear sets several years back.

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Here's a photo of a severely stretched timing chain. This one hasen't jumped a tooth yet but its due for replacement. This is NOT a Ford V6 OHC but a Chrysler 440 posted as an example only.

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I have 165,000 on my 2007 Edge, and have had absolutely zero problems. I've done the typical maintenance at 100k, plugs, tranny fluid, fuel filter, throttle body cleaning, etc. Rides excellent, comfortable. I drive about 50k per year, and plan on doing 1 more year to get me to 210k, then I'm giving it to my son. I will buy another Edge. This time a Sport.

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I own a 2007 Edge I bought from Quirk in Braintree MA. I have 75K for mileage. In the past 4 months I have spent $4000. to repair engine light issues. Per ford they are aware of the issue told the mechanic what had to be done but don't worry Ford didn't put out a recall. This was my very 1st Ford and it is also my very last Ford translated means(found on road dead)

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I have a 2008 Edge with 197,000 miles and I see no problem hitting 300k. I have replaced the radiator fans, the AC condenser, changed the plugs, changed transmission fluid, brake pads and changed the oil every 5k miles. I'm about halfway through the 4th set of mich tires.

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At 65K 2009 Ford Edge I had some problems with my radiator, I had to have the head gasket fixed. I had white smoke and what looks like white toothpaste all over my car. I also had to change my factory breaks and tires at 65K (95% highway driving) which I think is awesome that they lasted so long. Also you need to clean out the cabin vent screen hidden behind the glove box once or twice a year depending on if you live in the city or country. You can do it yourself, just pull out the glove box, flip the clips, pull out the what looks like the worlds smallest window screen, gently wash it with soap and water (hose fine), let it dry and put it back in your car. You will be amazed how much air starts blowing in your car and cool too!!

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Have a 2010 Ford Edge with only 65000 miles. That may not seem like much and it's not. The lower odometer readings can creat a false sense of security.the short drives can be a killer. What helps is maintenance done on a shorter frequency. I love this vehicle. It's peppy comfortable. The heated seats in Canada are great. I would buy another in a heart beat. I do the ignition maintenance and other work myself which saves a ton. My son worked at a Ford dealer who have a contract with a local machine shop who will fix the broken plugs. Everyone knows about the problem. Field advisory reports back to Ford are being filled out. Keep your receipts!! As far as different make better for plugs. I'm sure auto lite and oe plugs are the same. Honeywell owns the company who make the plugs. Haven't a clue if any of this is helpful.

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I was having some tranny problems at 60k, because the fluid was low. It would shift between 5-6th gear going up hills, then make loud shifts. I found a fix, it was contaminated fluid. The fluid has to be changed 3 times, run 1000 miles between each change, adding about 6 quarts for the FWD. Not all the fluid comes out when the plug is pulled, unlike the engine oil. Problem went away and now I change the tranny fluid every 20k. Oil is cheaper than trans repair. I did it myself for free, and my mechanic had a hard time believing the story.

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My 2010 Edge just hit 120k miles but has been a great and I mean the best car I've owned. My dilemma is whether I should pay off the balance of $7k and drive it until it won't go. I bought it used at 30K. No major problems ever!

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My Ford Edge had about 220,000 miles on it. Drives great!

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I just bought my 2007 Edge SEL a couple of months ago. We literally drove it off the lot, and right down to Florida (from Wisconsin ) not having a clue what to expect out of it. Switched our luggage from our 2003 Impala to the Edge at a gas station in the parking lot, and continued on on our trip down south in the new Edge. It had 170,000 miles on it when we bought it that day at the end of June. It's now September 1st, and has 182k on it. We paid $7500 (with tax, title, & licence), and I have to say, the price/milage issue left me feeling slightly nervous - BUT...this SUV is incredible! I would absolutely recommend this vehichle to anyone, any time. Not one ounce of regret. (It actually makes me feel quite proud, and tend to want to brag about our sweet find and deal). Not one bad thing to say about it at all It's held up womderfully for the past 10 years. Its so gorgeous that seemslike it's brand new. Futhermore, It pulls my son's four wheeler and trailer so well - that i sometimes forget there's a trailer attached because I can't even tell I'm pulling anything. Thank God my boyfriend insisted I took it for a test drive because i had my heart set on a black Volvo SUV that an elderly couple & I were "fighting" over.The Volvo was more my style, $1500 cheaper, and had 50k less miles on it than the Edge, but after driving the Edge I completely changed my mind. We had actually already left for Florida in our old Impala later that day and didn't buy any vehicle.. But, after doing a little research on the Edge in our hotel room that night, and not being able to get that Beautiful SUV out of my mind, I drove all the way back up north 200 miles to buy it. Thankfully the other 2 couples that test drove it after us got just freaked out by the milage as we did. There were literally 3 people waiting for their turn to test drive it. I called the dealership the next morning not expecting it to still be there, but to my utter amazement, it was! Haha! Suckers! Mileage doesnt mean jack on a used vehicle. Sometimes more is actually better for several reasons. Anyways, We drove all the way back up here. Had a friend drive our Impala home, and left for Florida that afternoon. It was 100% better than I ever would have thought, or expected. A ford? Doing 100+ mph for 17 hours in unbareable heat?! I figured it would have at least one small problem on our trip down with that kind of milage, constant speed, and heat. Not even one single issue. Even still! Having put so many more miles on it in such a short amount of time you'd assume something would have needed replacing by now. So far, just an oil change. Oh, and one tire has a slow leak. Must have run over a nail or something. The kids watched the DVD player built into the roof, with their chairs reclined and wireless headphones on. All came stock with the vehicle by the way. It continually amazed us on our trip, and has been every day since. I have officially changed my mind about Ford's. Either they really stepped up their game, or we lucked out big time. The entire vehicle is immaculate. Inside, outside, underneath the entire SUV,'s body/chassis, and engine under te hood. 10 years old, but looks, drives, sounds, and feels like a brand new vehicle! I'm officially converted from a Jeep Cherokee 4.0 liter straight 6 diehard engine fan, to an AWD 3.5 liter v6 Ford Edge lover. I will definitely be buying many others. Oh yeah - one more awesome feature: GAS MILEAGE we only filled the tank 5 times during the entire week long trip. This SUV blows away our Saab, Impala, and Jeep when it comes to fuel economy. Average of 23 mpg's. Our sons little Mercury cougar cope gets the same mpg's on a good day. If you're considering buying one of these vehicles and it seems to be even slightly well maintained - don't pass it up! Especially if you have kids. You need this SUV in your life. I promise you won't be disappointed!

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very good crossover. I have put 120k in 3 years ( on 2013 ford edge v6 FW) without any problem. I have changed brakes ( pad and rotor) last week. Oil change after every 10000Kms ( syn'tic oil). Performance car. these machines are very good when do proper maintenance. resale is low but who cares when you drive at the end.

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I have a 2012 Edge with 172,000 miles bought brand new. Always serviced at dealership with oil changes every 5K miles. Had allot of problems with the Sync at first. The screen would just go black. I had it replaced in 2014 and never had a problem with it again. I average 45K miles a year with my job. The front transfer case (AWD) went out at 120K miles which set me back $1500. Never replaced plugs, or transmission fluid however reading these blogs going to have that done. Very happy with the gas mileage, comfort, handling and power. I would highly recommend buying the Edge with the V6. I hope to get at least another 100K out of it before buying another.

My 2008 Ford Edge hit 200K. It is breaking down quickly. I am having transmission problems, the back hatch won't open and the back left rear buckle broke. Ford told me I had to replace the entire seat belt (1k); the shafts (1K) and they have tried to fix the transmission twice at cost 2k. The main reason I will never buy a Ford again is the maintenance department of the dealership. It feels like they jack up the prices on fixing it just so I feel obligated to buy a new car. Not the kind of sales pressure that makes me want to buy another Ford. If you want more then 200K miles, go Toyota. My last car, Toyota Avalon, had well over 200K and only cosmetic programs.


when the ford edge reaches 300,000 can u still drive it

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I have a 2010 Ford Edge SE with 263,000 miles on it and still runs good. I change the oil every 6,000 miles and tuned it up twice.

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My Edge just broke down at 300k. I have had it since 2008 repairs for me have been ....transmission at 80,000, dealer replaced it under warranty. Full set of brakes twice. Replaced all the coils. All the bearings. Transfer case last year and now waiting to hear but i suspect its the transmission. I love this car it is starting to rust, canadian winters are hard on them, should of had it under coated . The mileage isnt as good as it use to be but all said I have to say I am impressed with my edge.

I love my 2010 Ford Edge AWD but will I buy again, no. Obviously owners who mention the 23MPG and only-had-to-change-wheel- bearings have not owned Japanese cars. Having to fix the sunroof or wheel bearings at 50K is nuts! Having transmission problems and rotor problems at 50K is nuts. Such issues don't come up in a Toyota or Honda well over 150K or sometimes over 200K! As much as I love my Ford Edge AWD, I'm scared of putting miles on it. We rely on my 10 year old Honda Accord for that.


2011 edge 190000. Still going strong. Only thing is the ac quit working.

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I must be one of the unlucky ones! I either got a lemon or there are some dishonest mechanics out there. Currently am at 101, 304 miles and have had extensive repairs, 2 sensors went out, replaced a body clutch, repaired fluid leakage from hole in the manifold/transmission, (what a mess!) , emission system, and currently issue with Master Brake Cylinder/plus leakage of brake fluid into the Booster and also need a replacement valve cap.

I have a 2010 with 175000 miles. now running into big repair (head gasket) and water pump. cost is estimated at $2700. Looks like we are not going to make the 200K mileage mark. The mechanic told me he has never had a head gasket case for a Ford Edge - Just lucky I guess... A little shocked since it's just 7 years old.

106k on our 2013 edge SE v6 bought in dec 2013 ( not quite 4 yrs old yet). Just put it in the shop to have plugs changed and coolant flushed, normal maint at 100k. I had a tank overflow valve fail, replaced myself for about 50 bucks. Otherwise zero problems. I plan to drive it another 30-40k miles.

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