I have a 2015 2500 6.4 engine that won't start. I have lights but won't start


Asked by Jan 04, 2015 at 06:05 PM about the Dodge Ram 1500

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Truck won't start, turn key and have lights but engine won't start!

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Sorry but have to ask. Is it in park? If it is. Have you checked battery voltage.


2015 should be under warranty, make sure it is in Park all the way. This new should not be having any problems. You might want to try setting the park brake, turning on the key and try cycling it through the gears, then put it back in park and retry.


are you getting any invalid key messages...been seeing that the new vehicles when the second key is not used for some time that get out of sync with the rolling security code and when they are used the WIN module doesn't reconise it...also you can try disconnecting the battery for fifteen seconds ....but you should have road side assistance and get it towed to the dealer should be covered under your 3/36


the only message that comes up is on the uconnect that reads "code error, restart system". Tried the battery disconnect but still no luck. Cluster cycles thru "service electric trailer brake", "service anti lock braking system", so I am thinking there is an issue with the computer or possibly a complete system reset is needed. I hope it isn't the computer itself!

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I will be on the phone with the dealership first thing in the morning. If it was summertime I wouldn't be worried, but I plow snow and a truck that wont start isn't very good at moving snow!


how long have you had the plow on it?....//did you try unplugging the plow setup just for haha sakes....// sounds like you lost a module and or the bus ..I would get it towed ..there are no TSB for this issue or star cases it has to be a wiring or a module issue for sure take pics of the messages just in case ....


hey does that have the push button start on it?? if it does the button can be removed and then the fobik used as a key try that

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Did unplug the plow set up with no luck. It isn't the push button start. Neither key fob work. Once the dealership gets it figured out I will be sure to post what the issue was. But for now I am a little disgruntled with the new truck. Had my 2010 for 5 yrs with no issues


The neighbor behind me brought a new dodge like yours minus the big engine, went out to start it, nothing, lights worked, nothing else, did what you did, disconnected the battery, then it started, drove it to work on the way all the lights started flashing, horn blowing, so he went right to the dealer, they had it over 6 weeks, finally put in a new control unit, he picked it up, drove it 2 days, then it would do anything, towed it back to the dealer, and it is still there, the dealer has got the factory rep involved in it, he said they are talking about giving him another truck, so I hope they find your problem.


ok, got back from the dealership about an hour ago. There is no power to the PCM. No issue with the remote starter, and both key fobs will not register with the truck. They have 2 trucks there with the same problem. They have been waiting for a new PCM for over two weeks, and have no answer from the company as to when it will arrive. Needless to say I am not a happy camper.


I was afraid of that, my neighbor is still waiting for a reply from the factory on his rig also. At least they gave him another rig to drive while they are trying to get his fixed but it is not a new one.


Very sorry to hear that ...I have not heard about this issue but the 2015s just came out and we haven't received many ....well you have several options you could tell them you want another truck or wait for yours to be fixed which is just a matter of time ..and if you do keep it I would call Chrysler direct and let them know your displeasure in the situation and ask for you powertrain warranty to be extended ...you should not have to be dealing with this


Another update. They located an ECM in La. and they are shipping it overnight and will have my truck fixed by Thursday at the latest. Tried to get the dealership to swap out an ECM with another 2015 they have on the lot but I was told due to the programming the ECM's are not interchangeable. I can tell you this, if it happens again they will be getting the truck back and will most likely look at a different brand. I have had dodge for the past 12 years and have always been happy, with no major issues other than normal maintenance. There is something wrong when you have to wait a week for a part to fix a brand new truck, WHEN YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO FIX A BRAND NEW TRUCK!! Unfortunately, I am hearing the same with Ford and Chevy.


On a good note, they gave me my old truck to drive until mine is fixed! Getting re-aquainted with "ol faithful"!!

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Everyone is having driveablity trouble in one form or another, too much junk added on too quickly.


I am having the same issues with my 7 day old ram 2500 6.7 Cummins. Started up fine, took my kids to day care came back out and it will not start. Mine said all the same things as yours. Is it to late to change it for another truck I wonder?


Your's sounds like the others, complete computer failure.


It was. Dealer said they had to reset and reprogram it 3 times to get it to work. Good thing is I wasn't closed on my loan for it so I am taking it back and getting a different truck!

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I've got a 2015 Ram 2500 Cummins and mine wouldn't start last night. The ABS and Electronic Break lights flashed and read they need to be serviced. I don't know a lot about trucks so I thumbed through the manual for any troubleshooting advice. No luck there. I have full power inside the truck. Cycled through the gears, played with breaks, still nothing. Had it towed to a Dodge dealership last night and am waiting to hear back. I also have a 92' first gen cummins and she starts EVERY time with 246000 miles on her. What the heck happened!


Had this problem with my 2015 1500 Big Horn with hemi. I turn the key over and nothing. This has happened twice since last May. That I remember. Then, after about 10 seconds, it'll finally start. & just for the record, I'm not going to take it to the dealership or try to get it fixed

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Good morning, So I finally heard back from the Dodge dealer regarding my 2015 Ram 2500 Cummins a week and a half later. I was told the the problem was not fixed but they were able to get it started. Apparently Dodge is aware of the issue but there has not been an official "fix". So the mechanic at the dealer unplugged one of the computers, waited a few hours and plugged it back in, it started right away. I had called him to ask if i can pick it up and thats when we told me it wasn't "fixed" but it will start. To be honest I'm a little nervous to drive it considering it could happen again, and the next time it happens i may not be close to a dealer. Ive only had the truck 7 months and put only 4k miles on it. I just don't think this is normal. Does anyone have any advice? I have not picked up the truck yet, Im thinking about calling and asking for a rental car until the truck is officially fixed.


Good Morning Y'all, Well my truck wouldn't start again. I turned it off and went in for a coffee, came back out and it wouldn't start, same problem as last time. I fiddled with the key/ignition for a while but nothing. Had power in the car but the electronics went a bit haywire. Called my dealer left an urgent message tried to start it again then the key wouldn't turn and I couldn't take it out of the ignition, it was somehow stuck. After more messing around it clicked over and started right up. That was about a week ago. Ive been on the phone with Chrysler non-stop for a week trying to get someone to look at it and finally was able to take it into the dealership who diagnosed it the first time around. After a lot of hell raising they finally issued me a rental "POS" car for 4 days while they look over the problem. after 3 days of being in the shop I got a voicemail saying they would get back to me on 4/19 regarding the issue, took it in 4/11. I called back to figure what exactly was going on and they said they had no record of anyone making a phone call to me. This pretty much sums up my entire experience with Chrysler. Anyways I'm guessing they are waiting for a new computer since that was what they said the issue was when I had it in the shop last time about a month ago. So I have a few questions for you... Since this problem is on going, is there enough evidence to warrant a conversation regarding an extension in the warranty? clearly I'm covered by the 3 year 36000 mile warranty but because this has happened twice no in a month with 10k miles is it too much to ask for an extension on the 3/36k? My second question is, has anyone ever returned a truck in this type of situation? Is it possible? If so, would it be something the Dealer, Chrysler or the 3/36000 company would be responsible for? Thank you all for your time. Have a good one.

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Our 2014 Ram 2500 diesel 4 X 4 stopped dead in the middle of the road two weeks ago with 26k miles on it. It cranks well, but acts like it isn't getting fuel. Since it is still under warranty, we had it towed to the nearest dealership. The mechanic cannot find anything wrong with it and we got no warning or codes before it shut down. Disconnecting the battery did not prompt any codes and did not help the condition. The fuel filter is not blocked. The service department said they could hook it up and it would run, but still no codes. The ECM and all test fine -- What is it? Chrysler is supposed to be getting back with them next week. That will be three weeks without our truck. We have a small farm so this is getting really inconvenient. The key fobs work, everything seems to be working, but it won't start. I really wish for the days without all the computerized junk right now.


Man you got that right, you need some serious equipment to even work on anything above an 05 now. If it will only run hooked up the test equipment then there must be something amiss with the systems basic program that when it is connected the test equipment provides a temporary link to the basics inside the tester program and allows it to run, remove the tester and it dies, seem fairly straight forward too me, that you need a new main processor, but knowing Chrysler it most likely is on backorder status so your stuck with a down vehicle until parts arrive.

I am having the same problem with my 2010 power wagon. I was told it is my ignition switch. What it comes down to is that If you have addition keys on your key fob, the addition weight on the key fob put unnecessary wear on the plastic in the ignition. Over time will make it not want to start. You have to wiggle it around and leave it in the on position, wait it will start. That being said you are going to have to replace your ignition.

Mine is a '96 Dodge Ram 1500 and just started doing this crap. First time we replaced the starter and got nothing. Replaced the ignition switch and she started right up. Now two months later she's doing the exact same thing. Pulled the starter and had it checked. Pulled the ignition switch and replaced it again. Put new connectors on the positive battery cable. Nothing. Tried starting in neutral and tried jumping it in park and neutral and still nothing. Checked fuses and they're fine. We're so lost right now on what to check next :(

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