Head gasket problems

Asked by Dec 11, 2010 at 12:56 PM about the Nissan Murano

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Has anyone had or heard of a problem with leaking head gasket.

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head gaskets can leak and leak in several different ways. It can leak into the oil,into a cylinder and out the exhaust, leak outward onto the ground and into the cooling system you will see bubbles when you run the engine and remove the radiator cap. its best to remove the head or heads install a new gaskets. If money is low sometimes you can use a good head gasket and radiator sealer, this is usually temporary but sometimes can last long term. always find a mechanic you can trust to repair your car. Good Luck

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2009 Murano with 68,000 miles - blown head gasket!! Bummer! Anyone else having probems with this?

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Yep same problem with an 09 Murano. Seems to be a pretty common problem.

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Sorry you have this issue! Just thought I would respond to say I have never had any problems with the head gasket and I'm at 148,000 miles on my 2004 Murano. Best wishes!

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Could be because the 04 was a different body style. The 09 was the first year of a redesign. They changed the head gaskets about 6m after the 09 first came out due to these problems.

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Saw an 09 fail at 56000 miles thats the first we've had at our shop. Very unusual... -Mike Nissan Asst service mgr.

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Well we had ours fixed last week and our Nissan service manager said they had fixed at least 20 fairly recently.

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20? wow. The one we actually fixed was an ex enterprise fleet car it wasnt sold thru our dealership. Most of our 09 owners still have them and take care of them meticulously wit no trouble... biggest issue i see with them is tire sensors of course...

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Yeah our tire sensor is out too, I guess. The light blinks for about a min the stays lit. We took great care of our murano. We actually have only owned it for a little less than a year but it was my parents before so I know how it was taken care of. Now I just don't really trust the car since it has had such a major repair with the engine out. Sad too because I love my murano. This is our second one with a Quest in between. Also have a Titan after we got rid of our Frontier. We are a Nissan family always have been.

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I have a 2004 Nissan Murano and it has a lil over 100,000 miles it has a blown head gasket, NO indication, no lights just smelled an aweful smell and noticed that my temp notch was at the H and OMG shut it down, my husband looked at it later on and noticed that water was coming out of the tail pipe and ruled it to be the head gasket. Does anyone know how much it would cost to repair? and also where in OKC area would b the least expensive?

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We tried to get ours fixed at a local shop (where we and other famiy memebers get all our other car repairs done) and they did not feel comfortable doing it. The whole engine has to be removed to repair it. We did get it repaired at a local dealer and it was over $3000. I don't remember the exact amount though. Ours showed no warning except a lot of smoke on start up. No high temps or otherwise. Good luck. I was withou my car for almost 2 weeks while the repairs were done.

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We are in Oklahoma also.

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i guess I'm joining the club. At 56,686 miles blown head gasket and anti freeze smell in the cabin. Luckest man on earth due to it being found before 60,0001. From what I am reading it a common issue with the 09 model. We purchase ours brand new in 2008. Never had any problems out of it until now. I have owned at least 7 nissans since 1989 and never faced an issue like this one. i guess quality control has been lost. Lucky for me warranty going to fix it. but what happend down the road if it happens again with no warranty. This should be an recall issue.

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I was wondering the same thing. I just found out today, and I have a 2009 Murano with 65,000 miles, that I have a leaky head gasket and will cost almost $3000 to fix. Shouldn't. This be considered a recall or at least add an extended warranty?

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09, 10, are the years with the bad gaskets, the sealer on the gasket melts when in contact with coolant, both blue and green coolant. It is just a run of bad gaskets. I personally had replaced the gaskets in about 50 cars, altima, maxima, and murano's. I also see many oil feed gaskets on the inner timing covers pushed out which will cause a check engine light to come on with a b-1 vtc code. Dealers cover these repairs 6years / 60k miles. There is also the WAP warranty which we call "whiners assistance program" . complain loud and long enough and nissan will pay for or reimburse for the repair.

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Just came back from my dealership, my 2010 maxima has blown head gasket at 56,000 miles. They are replacing it for free, still under the 60,000 mile warranty, Thank God. I've taken this car to then since I bought it new and they have been excellent at all services. They gave me free loaner, too.

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What does a dealership changing a Maxima head gasket have to do with a blown Nissan Murano head gasket?

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2007 with a hole in head gasket. The dealer quoted $4000 for the repair. No way. I'm not buying a Nissan again. It's too bad because I had 2 Maxima's in the past and they were really good cars. I'm going with Honda/Acura or Toyota/Lexus.

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2009 to 2010 are common for head gaskets and transfer case seals. always leak out the side.

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I HAVE HAD NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS with my 2004 Nissan Murano... transfer case... head gaskets... oil pumps... fTHE WORST CAR NISSAN ever made !!!!!!!!!! I used to be an only Nissan customer now I would NEVER consider another Nissan and I make sure to spread the word.....

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I bought a 09 mirano 22k miles- extended warranty - Dealer replaced the head gasket 2 weeks after I bought it- I had it there 3 times and they couldn't find the leak- so I showed them where it was- Head gasket - Now my daughters 2012 infiniti jx 7k miles has the same smell- V6 head gasket leaking? More than likely


Our 2009 Maxima was just diagnosed with a leaking head gasket by the dealer we have it serviced at regularly- just after the 60,000 check and consequently out of warranty. Have a complaint into Nissan consumer affairs- we'll see what happens...

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Hi Phxdishman Did you get any response from the Nissan I am in similar boat 49k miles 2009 Murano Head Gasket issue My break screaches slightly when breaking. the car is out of warrenty bought in Dec 2008 Thanks

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Yes- Nissan consumer affairs , after escalating to level 2, offered to pay 1/2 cost pf repair (about $2200- orig quote from dealer was $2900- I double checked the quote with a good third party shop and they couldn't do the head gasket for less). We had it done and car is driving ok now. Original head gasket leak was relatively small. Not thrilled with Nissan response, but what can you do??

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Just when i start up in the morning it have white smoke then after it warn up it don't do it anymore

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My 2009 has / was also diagnosed with blown head gasket. Went for check engine light issue. Which costed me 200 and now dealing with Nissan they will cover half the cost. I am considering my extended warranty only have 48000 miles.


I traded in my murano for a toyota highlander. cant trust if it goes wrong again or would lead me into something else after the fix again. not sure if thats a good decision or not. but I like the Murano ride. Didnt want to invest on a vehicle that's like 12500 on kbb and heart burnt with Nissan's quality on components that cost $65 and cost us $2500 to replace.

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My wifes 2013 v6 Altima has the dreaded anti freeze smell now- 11k miles- I opened a complaint with Nissan a month ago-and basically told them that I have the extended warranty and after having 2 vehicles with the same head gasket problem this new Altima won't be coming in for repair until my wife seizes up the engine- Maybe if they have to start replacing the engines they will fix the head gasket problem in the factory.


My 2009 Murano had 70,000 miles. Took it to the dealer to get a repair on the cars computer. He said my gasket and t-case is showing signs of leaking and I would be looking at $6000 in repairs not covered by nissan. Nissan Consumer Advocacy denied my claim. Basically I'm screwed. Sold the car for cheap just to get rid of it. Why would anyone buy a nissan is beyond me. What a piece of junk that car was. So I paid 40K for a car that lasts only 70k miles. Thought nissan was better then that. I took a beating!!!! Will never look at another nissan.

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My 2010 Murano had 62,500 miles on it, and same issue with the head gasket, cost me $3000. I spoke to Nissan Consumer Affairs, and they said that the head gasket design was not faulty and that the change was made for other reasons, not because the design or material was bad. This is not what my local Nissan Dealer told me. Nissan refused to pay for the cost of the repair or any part of it, as I believe, that if they did this, they would be admitting there was a design problem. Any suggestions as to how I can get anything out of them? The person I spoke to said he was the Regional Manager and that I could not go any higher than that.


We also replaced the battery 3 times, was stranded with a dead battery to often. Sorry to hear you had same problem as me. I don't know of any other avenue for you to take for reimbursement. I was told the 2009 and 2010 had this defect. Back to the battery issue, I have friends with Rogues and altima's, they experienced the battery issue as well. All are looking to get ride of their cars.

I have a 2009 Nissan Murano SL that is not leaking so it's visible. The coolant is leaking an it also dries up near headgasket. I need to keep checking levels but there wasn't any signs of the leak that were visible. Has this been recalled? My car has 117,000 miles an is in excellent shape. It could if blown my engine an I'm researching so I can get this repaired.


Did u see white smoke on starting the vehicle first time in the morning after a long gap since te car in off mode?. The white smoke indicates that the colent is mixing up and burning and engine is getting . Get ur car checked at nissan service station. Good luck. I had to let my car go though I loved it.

2009 Murano, 72k miles, leaky head gasket, @3k to fix..

I have a 2009 Nissan Maxima my car keep running hot I was told by two macanics that it a blown head gasket a few other macanics told me blown head gaskets aren't likely for that make and model I have paid different people in a total of a thousand dollars to fix just paid one man 650 who told me he changed the head gaskets but I was told from a different Macanic that he never touched my engine because of the screws not having scrapes and no visible signs of the engine being removed do to the dust on the engine not having in signs of it being touch however the did but the engine cover back over it and cleaned it really good that it almost look brand new as if it was touched . Although the Macanic want to take a look at the car him self do he can get a closer look he states that he doubt it's the head gaskets I'm just tired of giving people my money and my car still Is not working .. Can the dealership put it on the machine to detect if something is wrong with my head gaskets ??

Btw I have had my car for 4 years now never had a problem with it ..

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