evaporative emission system(Incorrect Purge Flow(PO441)) What is this?

Asked by Apr 23, 2009 at 07:57 PM about the 2007 Dodge Ram 1500

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i dont know if youve fixed the problem or not yet but heres what it is, your entire emissions system is put under a vacume by the purge cylinder it kinda looks like a coffee can with a domed top and two lines running out of it, i got the same kind of code with my 96 ram it turned out all i had to do was replace the gas cap, but an incorrect purge flow sounds like you could have a clog

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im not exactly sure but is this the same system that reuses the unused gas from the first time?

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yea also it monitors gas evaporating from the system ie loose gas cap allowing gas fumes to get out of the tank, open your gas fill door and if you smell fumes id replace the cap you can get it at any auto parts store for like 5 bucks


i thought thats what it was. could potentially just be bad gas. my dad put 87 octane in my 300C when he drove it one day and i think i had the exact same code come up. i put 89 octane back in and it has never came back on.

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i have to run my truck on midrange or else my idle gets thrown off lol, but yea id try the gas cap its real cheap, if it keeps happening research the code on google type in the code ram 1500 and then the engine size and see what kind of things you can come up with

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clogged catalitic converter

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well very very very highly unlikely but it could happen, my truck has 306,000 miles on its cat and its not clogged lol, but it can happen if your truck runs rich or if you burn oil

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a clogged CAT would not cause that code, that code has to do with the EVAP emissions system it keeps gas vapors from venting into the atmosphere, its pretty much a vacuum, a clogged CAT would cause the engine to run very very rough possibly not at all.

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Yea it's not the Cat. My 97 Ram 1500 has had 3 new Cat's since I've owned it from new. The truck spits and misses really bad and sometimes won't run at all. Don't let a Dodge dealer put them in, 900 bucks a shot. Now Dodge (after my warranty expires) sends me a letter they realize their bad now. Hehehe, Corporate. Anyway, I have the same error and will take your advice first on the gas cap. Inspection is due, and no one will sticker it until I find the problem. Check back for details when I figure this out.

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Welpa I changed the gas cap and pulled the positive cable from the battery for 20 minutes to wipe out the check engine light. I'll let you know if it fixed it in 100 miles.

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before i removed the 360 from my ram i had the same sputtering and missing issue, for you id try using a different octane of gas to correct it, your engine i timed for a specific octane cars and trucks from the 90s are usually timed to run for mid range gas (or atleast mine was), if your using 83 try 89 instead. really it could be any thing, try taking the air filter off and spraying some throttle body cleaner into the throttle body

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I have a 2006 Ram 1500 with an engine size 4.7. I have no one to help me witth little money to fix it so I really need some help. I checked my gas cap and it looks fine. I like to check certain things I was told to check but I have no clue where to begin. I don't even know which hoses or fuel lines to check. It would help if I have a diagram of my engine with indication of which areas I need to focus on. When the engine light first came on, I check the gas cap. A week later I put some more gas in, the engine lght went off. Two days later it came back on. This is when friend of my son, did the code test and it gave us this code PO411 - EVAP EMMIS, CONTR SYSTEM PURGE FLOW FAULT. Thank you! My name is DEL

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Hey, everyone it is a simple cure, replace your air filter and your gas cap and your fuel filter and if that doesn't fix it then replace your evap canister with new vacuum lines then if that doesn't work take your car to the dealership or any good mechanic to drain your fuel tank,flush then reinstall wth all new fuel pump and fuel lines. THATS ALL FOLKS.

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Also don't use REGULAR Gas it sucks the life from your eng. performance, and regularly put gas treatment in gas tank: ex: every other fillup.

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Where is the emission control monitor on the 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 Lonestar edition?

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I have a 2007 dodge ram that ive replaced 3 fuel pumps in 1 year. Check engine light is on and GAS CAP signal. Any suggestions on the EVAP change?

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my dodge ram 1500 2005 shutdown when I'm driving it

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Gas cap, fish aquarium charcoal, evap lines, fuel filter, MAP, TPS, IAC, fuel pump, plugs air filter, cat, fuel treatment... Purge solenoid... Fuel tank pressure valve...all changed...all new...still same codes...and the codes tell me to replace IAC, TPS, and MAP sensors. Also a code for o2 sensor. Truely an amazing expensive cycle with a never ending battle and no winners. I am about ready to buy a Ford. No...maybe an old international harvester...those ran forever and no Japanese computer crap added.


Hi everyone.. I need help please just bought a 96 Chevy z71 and service light it on and the code is p0441 it evaporative emission system incorrect purge flow... How do I fix the problem

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There is two places that could be problem...#1 remove and check purge solenoid. It is located on intake near rails and throttle body. Take 9volt battery...jump wires...connect ground to ground pin...touch hot lead to load pin. You should hear and feel clicking in unit. If that is good...reinstall it and go to step two. On throttle body there is a small 5/16 in hose with a 2 1/2 in plastic check valve which is the purge valve. Remove unit and pay attention to direction it is positioned. Clean off both ends...you should be able to blow through it in one direction. If that works...put it back the same direction. Purge flow should go through to throttle body to burn the purge fumes. Oh...one other item...on passenger side valve cover...there is a hose with pcv inserted into valve cover. That may be clogged...you can take carb or brake cleaner to clean inside just spray liberally. It won't harm it. When clean...it should have a good rattle to it. After these processes, remove battery ground for about 5 mins. Replace cable. Start engine. Let warm up for two mins. Shut off engine and check codes again. You may also check purge cylinder lines for cracks or breakage. I had to replace two connectors on my truck.

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I fixed my truck with the key on code. All of that work I did on it was useless. It ended up as an air flow temperature sensor on intake manifold. $13.00 item. Gone over 600 miles and no problems. Gas cap idea...joke. Fuel filter...in tank. No inline filter on 94. Turns out...an exhaust system mechanic at Midas listened to my problem and identified it within the three minutes it took to explain symptoms. All the engine mechanics wanted between $150 - $500 to fix it. Pickup coil,$230 to replace that part. A 15 minute job? You guys have been a big help, but the answers I got here were keys to eliminate one or the other. Keep the gears clicking guys...sometimes it is less costly and more positive if you think outside the box...so to speak.

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