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i have a 2004 mitsubishi lancer evo and i am experiencing a lot of turbo lag
is there anything i can do about it?

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Is it a stock turbo or an aftermarket turbo?


its a full stock turbo i havnt done anything to the engine yet


turbo lag is a thing of the past, what you're referring to as turbo lag is actually just the amount of pressure it takes for the turbo to spool up enough to make boost. there's really nothing that can be done really, except get a smaller turbo. im not surprised that the EVO is set up to be a high end car, it's a rally car so its normally able to be driven higher in the rpm range.

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man turbo lag is something that u will experience with any car thats fitted with a turbocharger ,the soulution is to have one small turbocharger that work on low speed helps you at acceletration and another big one that helps you at high speed .


and here lies the problem with turbos turbo lag you either can get a smaller turbo, which will spool up quicker but has less gain in the high end or you can get a bigger turbo which takes longer to spool up but has more high end gain any car that has a turbo will experince it its just a fact and to the guy above me, the problem with putting a small turbo to quickly spool up and then a larger one as well to get the high end gain is that in the 4G63 its only a 4cyl twin turbo on an inline four? nonsense so where do you expect to hook up two turbos in an evo or nay 4cyl car im sure with alot of custom work and tuning it could be done but not just anybody could do that


1. Check for leaks 2. Remove your resonator 3. Remove your cat(s) 4. Buy a downpipe 5. Get a reflash aka "chip"


Just a question.Was the turbo lag always present and if yes is it worsening? If it's not worsening, then it probably means that your stock setup produces turbo lag.It's something normal.I never drove a 2004 EVO but I drove the EVO IX and X and they don't have much turbo lag.You can feel when the turbo kicks in but it's quite subtle.In fact you have to listen and search for it, in normal driving turbo lag is not an issue with a stock EVO IX and X. Some quick checks that are easy.Check your air filter, you should be able to see light through a clean air filter when you hang it above you.Check also that there's no abnormal amount of engine oil on the air filter.Check that all the piping for the compressor inlet and engine intake is tight and not collapsed.Check that all vaccuum lines are tighened and not collapsed.Finally check your exhaust manifold for worn or blown gaskets or any presence of a leak. Finally, there shouldn't be any abnormal amount of exhaust gas when starting the car or at wide open throttle.If there's white/blue or black smoke this means there's a major problem with your engine. P.S: Note that all this pertains to a stock EVO, if you have made modifications then those might be the cause of your problem.


That is really weird cause evo's use a 16g which normally spool up around 2000-2500 rpm... you reduce the back pressure as much as possible by doing a 3" turbo back mandrel bent exhaust it should work you wonders... if you don't have emission tests than take out that cat and sell it for 25 bucks to a recycling place.


dude you can totally sell the lag to someone...you can get like 100 bucks from it easily. just swap your b20 rear end with the markIV kids.

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evo tubros r pretty small dude. u shuldnt have tht much lag. they useually spoll pretty quick. in not sure but u might have a leak.if u dont new turbo mainifold and a better flowing exhaust.


its prob good to get a good downpipe. louder sound from your exhaust and a hell of a gain in HP. just got a downpipe installed in my GLI, and their known for their turbo lag. much better


Go out and get yourself a ball bearing turbo, they spool up much quicker. HKS has a great kit for your car, but it costs around $6,000.


thats is just dumb why would you do that? that doesnt work good at all


yea id rather slam my dick in a door. you can piece a kit together for a lot cheaper then that!!! Go to AMSmotorsports website they mostly deal with evo's and they have awesome parts. if not then go to garrett turbo they are the best


what the hell are you talking about? he drives an EVO and you're talking about a honda engine and GTI whatevers


AMS is a good place to start they're one of the top EVO tuners this side of the pacific


dude, if you don't know what a GTI is you shouldn't be here and just to enlighten you a GTI is the Volkswagen Golf as in the Golf GTI or the even better Golf R32


yeah, turbo lag is a mixture of piping diameter and turbo size. a smaller header will aid in faster spool because the exhaust has a higher velocity, but you will loose some top end power b/c of maximum flow rates, and a open exhaust will allow the turbo to get rid of the gasses faster.


EVOs are kinda known for their turbo lag, even the new 10 has it. But modifications would help you.

get a vgt turbo or use nitrous to spool the turbo a smaller turbo would restrict your top end power but if you get a hybrid turbo or a vgt it can spool fast and go into the top end


Some of the things being said on here are just assanine. What RPM are you getting full boost. My cousins 2004 Evo hits 20 psi at 3500 rpm on a 20g with an intake and 3" turbo back exhaust. Post back and let me know.


have you seen the evo 8 or 9 i dont remember on Top Gear how he starts off and like 5 secs later the turbo starts to spool. I think he had it in second though.


why not just get evo flash tune and learn how to brake boost


An other possibility is a hybrid turbo. however, everything is depending on your budget. the optimal solution is (for me that is) twin-charge it. (supercharger+turbo) No lag, all boost.


Being a stock turbo setup, if it has always been like that and it bothers you I would start upgrading. If it has come along all of a sudden I would start looking into things like people have said, check for boost leaks in your hoses, check your air filter, possibly be a damaged compressor wheel.


doubtful, but very possible since it is an 04. It's a 5 yr old, but depends on how many miles you have put on it. Why is it still stock anyway?!? lol


i know why is it still stock? if i had that id be running a big front mount and a bigger turbo with some engine mods


There is something you can do about it but its expensive. There is a little know make of turbo chargers known as VATN (Variable area turbine nossle) If I'm not mistaken they area made by Aeromotive. It uses no waste gate as it controlls its own boost. Lag is minimal and the turbo responds almost immediately. Look around for one of those but be prepared to pay


NO WASTE GATE????...Sounds like a catastrophic engine failure WAITING TO HAPPEN!


Thats what I thought up untill I actually saw it for my self ..... It has a row of fins that open and close according to your boost setting. It really is an awesome product that is really expensive. VATN stands for Variable area turbine nossle. Read up on it ....... Here is a site that gives a little more info on that. http://www.superstreetonline.com/techarticles/130_0508_turbochargers_turbo/pictures.html

Can someone help me. I purchased a evo 3 turbo but everytime i go to brake to slow down the car would just go dead. The person said that its because the blow off valve is aftermarket and its not pushing enough air in so he has too look for the HKS BOV i believe. I just want to know if anyone can help me on what to get for the BOV because he is taking too long to get back to me about it. PLEASE HELP I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT TURBO CARS ???


KaylaMorgan,,, why don't you make your own thread instead of latching onto someone elses,, and a dead one at that lol ?

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