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2013 Pressurized Leak At Bottom Of Hydroli Motor? New Motor Or Fixable?

I had the 2013 Hardtop Chrysler 200 S for a year and a half. Fluid leaks at the bottom when not in operation and if I fill to use the top it leaks during operation in a pressurized way from the bottom...

Chrysler 200

So yesterday I accidentally started my 2014 Chrysler 200 with the keyless start button not knowing I did. It ran the car battery to zero and I jump started it getting it back home fine. However, no...

Chrysler 200 Not Detecting Key

My Chrysler 200 is not detecting my key. The key and backup key are not unlocking the door with the buttons, the car does not detect when it is inside the care, the car will not unlock with the hand...

Strange Noise

Often, with the car of or on, I hear a slight "umph" or light hum from the rear of the glove box or near the front passenger tire. The car runs great. But I know any noise that's out of the norm is...

No Start And No Crank

So I went to start my car and nothing. Figured it was my battery and jumped the car and it started. Drove it and it died...not like a regular my battery is dead, but it's like the system just shut...

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