Chrysler 200 Questions

2015 Chrysler 200 4 Cylinder

Car will switch on but will not turn over. You can play with the shift knob as in turn it to drive and back to park and it will crank. Has anyone had this issue? What do i need to do to fix it?

Key Fob Not Detected Message

2015 Chrysler 200 is giving me an error message of Key Fob Not Detected. I've changed the key fob battery twice in the last month because I thought maybe the first one was faulty. Second one hasn't...

Convertible Hard To Describe

I have a 2013 hard top convertible. When the top is in the down position fully down directly behind the rear (back seat) windows there's a aprox. 4 x 4 in hole. There is supposed to have doors pop u...