Chrysler 200 Questions

Chrysler 200 Radio Issues

My father in law has a 2013 chrysler 200 and when he has the radio on am/fm there is no sound. But when it is on sirus or a cd there is sound. Any ideas?

Key Fob Panic Reset

Panic fob reset, car wont start. Need sequences or code for a Chrysler 200 2015 sequences seems not to be the same as shown. Press down lock and unlock together for 10 seconds hear slightly bee...

Buzzing Noise From The Shifting Knob

I have a 2016 chrysler 200 xl, when I put my foot on the break to start or to shift it out of or into park i hear a buzzing sound and see the shifting knob vibrate. is this normal?

Can't Turn Gear Shift Knob To "S"

I turned the knob to shift into drive too quickly after starting the car and the knob turned but it remained in park and got some strange message. I shut off the car and restarted it, and the car i...

Stuck In Drive While Shifter Is In Park.

Today when I was pulling in garage to park my 2012 Chrysler 200, I put the shifter in park but my gear indicator still showed it was in drive. When I took my foot of the break, sure enough, it plung...