Chevrolet Uplander Questions

My Chevy Uplander Is Saying Starter Disabled What Do I Need To Do

My 2006 Chevy Uplander is saying starter disabled what do I need to do

Starting Disabled

I have a 2005 Chevy Uplander. 6 Mons old starter. I drove to school to pick up my kids. Turned it off, it would not start again. Got it jumped to get home. Next day, it would not start ag...

Transmission And Engine

What other vehicle can I put my engine and transmission in that goes to a uplander 2008

Car Won't Start

I have a 2006 Chevy Uplander what to fix it I put the key in dashboard and radio come on but when you turn the key over all power leaves when you let the key go dashboard and radio comes back on f...


A/C Stuck In Uplander

The A/C in my 2008 Chevy Uplander LS is stuck on. The button won't shut it off so I pulled every fuse w/a.c. on it from inside n under the hood fuse panels. It runs even just putting the key in the...

Chevrolet Uplander Overview

The Chevrolet Uplander is an interesting creature: Is it a minivan? An SUV? A crossover?

Designed to replace the Chevy Venture minivan, the Uplander's styling is much more in tune with a sport utility vehicle look, yet the passenger cabin has all the roominess of a van. Can the Chevy Uplander be the Holy Grail of the family-transportation market segment, the vehicle that's as comfortable as a minivan but as cool as an SUV?

Trim offerings and options packages give Uplander drivers a chance to customize their ride. One heavily-marketed choice is the LT Entertainer package, which includes a rear DVD system, XM satellite radio, and a high-end digital audio setup.

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