Chevrolet Uplander Questions

Can You Swap Transmission Out Of A 2006 3.5 Chevy Uplander With A 2008 3.9 ...

I have a 2008 Chevy Uplander with a 3.9 engine can I take the transmission out of a 2006 with a 3.5 motor and put it in my 2008?


I Have An 07 Chevy Uplander, It Drives In 1,2, And Reverse, But Won't Go In...

My van was running fine then all of a sudden it drive was working... And it is idle at 1000rpm but won't go over 4000 rpm... I really hope it's not the transmission being shot but I need suggestion...

Radio Does Not Turn Off When Door Is Open And Keys Are Out

are they something I need to reset to make my radio in my 2007 Chevy Uplander go off when you turn off the switch and get out of the car and shut the door the radio remains on

Front End Vibration When Brakes Applied

We have new hubs, tires, and brake pads on the front of our 2008 Uplander. When we hit the brakes, there is a heavy vibration

My Doors Keep Locking And Will Not Unlock What Can I Do To Fix It?

My doors keep locking even when I'm driving and will not unlock how can I fix this

Chevrolet Uplander Overview

The Chevrolet Uplander is an interesting creature: Is it a minivan? An SUV? A crossover?

Designed to replace the Chevy Venture minivan, the Uplander's styling is much more in tune with a sport utility vehicle look, yet the passenger cabin has all the roominess of a van. Can the Chevy Uplander be the Holy Grail of the family-transportation market segment, the vehicle that's as comfortable as a minivan but as cool as an SUV?

Trim offerings and options packages give Uplander drivers a chance to customize their ride. One heavily-marketed choice is the LT Entertainer package, which includes a rear DVD system, XM satellite radio, and a high-end digital audio setup.

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