Chevrolet Bolt EV Questions

2022 Bolt Rebates AVAILABLITY?

Do the new Bolt evs get a rebate from the government ? State or Federal?

2021 Chrvrolate Bolt

sales tax and licencing on a chevrolate BOLT

Is Exporting A Car For Middle East Service Available?

i want to import a car for USA to Jordan in middle east, is this service available?

Charger Got Stuck In The Port Of The Vehile

I was a EV charge station and the charger got stuck in the port. I was there for 2 and half hours. When I got it unstuck and took it to the dealer , they said that the port was damaged and charged ...

Add Lists Free Shipping To Conroe, Tx.

Add lists free shipping to Conroe, Tx. Dealer wants to charge $200 to ship and then wants to drive it to destination. Is the free shipping an ad from you or a ad from the dealer?