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Shipment Outside United States

Are you able to send a car in Dominican Republic?

How To Change Dome Light On Bmw I3

Hi I want to change the dome light to led in my bmw i3, but I do not know how to do it wihtout braking the plastic cover. Hope that someone can help. I would be happy if someone can show pictures ...

Is There An Average Or Reasonable Range For Processing/document Fees?

$1,150 seems like a lot for a processing and document fee from a BMW dealer on a certified vehicle. Is there an average or reasonable range for these costs? Advertised price is $22,480 and the $1,15...

How Much Of A Factor Is Dealer Reputation When Determining Market Value?

How much of a factor is dealer reputation when determining market value and can I determine the fair market value range for a particular year and model of vehicle?


Should I Buy An Electric Car With A Construction Year Between 2013 And Up?

Hi, I'm interested in buying a second-hand BMW i3 but am unsure about the battery. Should I buy second-hand electric cars with a construction year equal or higher than 2013? When I think about batte...