2015 Volvo V40 Cross Country Or 2013 Volvo D3 R-design?

Hi, which is the best buy, assuming milleage and price are the same. 2015 Volvo Cross Country T4 or 2013 Volvo V40 D3 R-design?

Airbags Fault Ot Not?

Hello, I own 2016 Volvo V40, few days ago a wild boar jumped in front of my car and I had a collision. I should mention that I wasn't going fast and from outside the car looks almost fine. The pro...

Maintenance And Repair

I am looking at buying a VolvoV20 2001. Automatic. My concern is the cost of maintenance and repairs. is it Worth buying a Volvo of this age, and expecting low maintenance costs?

Will A V40 2001 Engine Fit In A 2000 V40?

I have a 2000 Volvo V40 and I wonder if a Engine 1.9L VIN 27 6th And 7th Digit Turbo Fits 00-04 VOLVO 40 SERIES 2851897 will fit?