Can’t Get Into Reverse

My 67 4 speed with over drive sometimes won’t go into reverse! Not sure why

I Am Considering Using A Local Dealer To Sell My Volvo For Me Using CarGuru...

What percent typically does a dealer charge for selling my car using CarGurus


I Need Electrical Work On My 67 Volvo P1800s

i turn car on all gauges work if i touch any thing any kind of switch all gauges will die radio stop turn off engine turn engine on they work good touch some thing they stop working head lig...


One Spark Plug Burns Black

B18 engine completely restored running twin Mikuni carburetors first spark plug nearest the radiator burns black all the rest are chocolate brown why


How Do I Boost My Horse Power 67 Volvo P 1800 B18 ENGINE

hi there i like too boost my 67 volvo P 1800 extra horse power i put on a street performance kit / deck the block / over sized pistons / over sized push rods / double springs / cam / timing gear...