Volvo C30 Questions

Can A Private Seller List On Car Guru

Hello Can private sellers list on your platform? FOB YYC

My Listing Is Not Showing Up In Search

i have a listing but when i close and search for all same car type.... the listing does not show up in search results. am i missing a step to "publish" the listing?

Satisfaction Of Lien

how does a private sellers lien get settled? I am buying a car through CarGurus registered and titled, I believe in california, I assume I will he buying the car lien free.? Does seller take care...

This Is A VERY Frustrating Site To Use!!! How Do You Get A Real Reply From ...

It appears that all I have gotten Are canned replies from your computer for two days! I would like to contact and set up an appointment to see a car locally! heaven for bid, I might get to talk to th...

Belt Tensioner

My car 2008 Volvo c30 replaced serpentine belt, but it was gone after 1 month. I need to fix serpentine belt again. Do I need to replace belt tensioner too?

Volvo C30 Overview

Think of the Volvo C30 two door hatchback as a new twist on an established European standby. This model marks Volvo's first hatchback release in North America since the '70s but doesn't look dated by any means. The C30 hits the streets as an all-new car for 2008.

The biggest obstacle for the C30 comes in its hatchback design, which may or may not float the American consumer's boat. Volvo will have to hope that Americans don't judge the book by its cover. The C30 seats 4, has a big rear window, and packs 227 hp under the hood as of its debut.

Overall, the C30 should pique the interest of those in the market for something a little exotic. And if Volvo can appeal to the retro tastes of Generation Y, it just might have a winner.

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