1983 Scirocco

My 1983 VW Scirocco won't crank after sitting ten years covered with tarps and blankets indoors. Lots of moisture. When I turn the lights on and turn the key the lights go out. Not even a click at...

What Do You Call This And Where Can I Buy It?

Hi, I would like to find out where can I buy the rubber cushion circled in red (fitted in VW Scirocco 2012)? Thank you!

Acc Button

His I just bought scirocco 2.0tsi 2009 and it don't have the sport acc button I read the vw brochure and it supposed to come as standard in this type can anyone tell me why is it not there ?? Tha...

Car Shuts Off While Driving Down Road

Car shuts off while driving on road in my 1987 Volkswagen scirocco



what motor is in the original vw scirocco

Volkswagen Scirocco Overview

Designed to be a sporty replacement for the Karman Ghia (that unique Beetle alternative offered by VW from 1955 to 1974), the Scirocco fits in well stylistically with the Rabbits and Dashers of the mid-1970s, and with good reason. The Scirocco was designed by automotive architect Giorgetto Giugiaro, who also created the looks for both of the Scirocco's mid-'70s siblings. It was a distinctively angular look, designed to give an impression of sleek, fast automobiles, and in fact the Scirocco was quick, nimble, and an instant success for Volkswagen.

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