I Have A '82 VW Rabbit Pickup. It Was Running Great, But Now It Will Not St...

The truck was running great. The last trip was driving in rain. parked it and it would not start again. when I turn it over after a few seconds there is a 'beeping' noise and the gas hand does not mo...


Passenger Side Indicators Beeping

VW Caddy van 2008.... When I indicate left there is a beeping noise coming from the rear light cluster. It never used to do this and it's quite loud. Any ideas ?


Why Does My Fuel Pump Keep Going Out On My 1981 VW Pickup

When I got my pickup it had been sitting in the weeds for about two years. I took the fuel tank down cleaned it out and put that expensive fuel tank liner in. I installed a new fuel pump, replaced b...


High Fuel Consumption Caddy Maxi 2010 1.9 Tdi Dsg

high fuel consumption caddy 2010 1.9 tdi 8km/litter inside city 10km/litter in highway I checked the code there only the motor fan jam