1978 Spitfire Shuts Off While Driving.

Still having issues with my 1978 Spitfire. It shuts off randomly and then will only restart after a while of sitting. It has happened in very hot weather so I assumed it could be vapor lock. I wra...

TR6 Air Conditioner Compressor

Recent purchase, ac compressor has belt removed. Is it ok to remove and should I plug the black hose exiting in rear. Will it effect any problems. I do not want ac,, just adds clutter to engine c...

1976 Triumph Spitfire Idle Changing And Stalling

Car runs great! However when I take it on long runs and come to a stop sign the idle wants to go down until the car stalls. The car is NOT over heating. All lines have been insulated with 2000 degree ...

Why Won't My TR6 Start?

I recently replaced a dead battery in my 1976 TR6 but it still won't start. Any ideas?

Removal Of Intake And Exhaust Manifolds

what wrench do i use to remove the two long nuts under the intake manifolo?