Tesla Questions

System Will Not Accept My Sale Verification Picture, What Do I Do?

I am trying to sell a Tesla Model Y on Cargurus and I have tried to "verify" my account 4 times and repeated been removed from the site? I have followed the instructions on the email and repeatedly...

Where Can I Get A Copy Of My Pre-approval Letter?

I was wondering if I can get a copy of the pre approval letter emailed to me

What Is The Value Today Of My Car

What is the value of my Tesla Model X 2018 to sell

Will CarGurus Buyout My Tesla Model 3 Lease And Then I Purchase It From You...

I have a Tesla Model 3 that I began a lease on in late 2019. I was hoping to have a third party dealership buyout the lease and then I purchase the car from the dealership.

Do You Buy Cars Or Is This A Platform To Sell Cars For Anyone?

i want to sell my Model x Tesla in Q1 next year as I have a new one on order

Older Tesla Models

Tesla Roadster