The Horn On My 2004 Suzuki XL-7 Does Not Work.

I have checked the fuse and relay and they work; I suspect the horn switch but am reluctant to open the steering hub. Has anyone had any experience with a non-working horn along with what I might e...

How To Control Relay To Startsolenoid

Suzuki XL7 the starter runs but the solenid is not working. Tryed it when i had it out of the car, and everything war OK Is it a relee that causes this?


Lift Gate Will Not Open

Lift Gate will not open, the other doors will unlock with remote but not the LIFT GATE. Has any one had this same thing happen with there Suzuki?

Switching Tire Size Just A Tad On My 2008 Suzuki Xl7

My car normally takes 235x60x17 tires but I found a great deal on 225x65x17 tires and was wondering if they were interchangeable being so close in size? Thanks for any help.

Fuel Gauge Does Not Go Beyond Half Tank On 2007 Xl7

Can't fill fuel more than half tank

Suzuki XL-7 Overview

The Suzuki XL-7 hit the market in 2002 and packs the most power in Suzuki's SUV lineup. Think of the XL-7 as a longer Grand Vitara with more power and room for either 5 or 7, depending on the trim. This model started out with a 2.7-liter, 183-hp V6 engine and got a major power upgrade to 3.6 liters and 252 hp in 2007.

Overall, the XL-7 does its best work on daily commutes carrying the family back and forth from home to school or work. Off-road capabilities don't amount to much, although you can roll off the beaten path for an occasional foray without too much trouble.

Its most recent alterations suggest that the XL-7 has gone from a more rugged vehicle to a crossover. Look for Suzuki to make even more of an effort to inject this SUV into the mainstream market in the next few years.

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