I Have A Problem With My Suzuki Sidekick 1997 Doesn’t Send Gasoline

i have a problem with my suzuki sidekick 1997 , the gasoline pump , the relays and the fuses are good but don’t activate the pump, not gasoline in the sistema , can be the computer


Running Ruff

My Suzuki side kick has no power up hill

Help With 1997 Suzuki Sidekick Jx

Hi, i have a problem with my suzuki sidekick that iv had for a year atleast now amd for some reason it has been more unsteady and sliding a bit more that usual, i put tire with about 40% threat 4 ...

Fuel Pump

Would anyone know if my vehicle has an external fuel pump? The picture I attached is what came out of the tank and I don't know if it is the pump because it doesn't look like one.

Starting Fluid

Is there a safer alternative to using starter fluid?