Why Does My AC/heater Fan Not Work All The Time?

Sometimes the ac/heater fan will come on and work when I turn the knob and sometimes it wont

2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara 4cyl.

I am locked out remotes won’t open,key won’t work,remotes have new batteries,car battery has a full charge what can I do?

2003, V6, Suzuki, Grand Vitara, 4x4

Car is running hot


Serpentine Belt Replacement

Tensioner will only move counter clockwise and not release the old belt for replacement. We placed the alternator and need to put belt back on that but we have to take the serpentine belt off firs...

Suzuki Grand Vitara Overview

Introduced in 1999 as the successor to the Sidekick, the Suzuki Grand Vitara compact SUV has earned a reputation as a low-priced vehicle with plenty of standard features. The initial models started off with a 2.5 L, 155 hp V6 powertrain and a sturdy truck-like body. Suzuki added 10 hp to the engine in 2002.

The Grand Vitara got a significant re-design in 2006, adding body elements of a car and other exterior features. In addition, Suzuki has upgraded to a 2.7 L, 185 hp V6 engine with 5 speed manual or automatic transmission, depending on which trim you choose.

Overall, the Grand Vitara gets props for its pricing and features. However, the purported V6 would have trouble matching a lot of I4s. Consider the Grand Vitara a good buy for those who can't afford to spend too much.

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