Suzuki Forenza Model Overview


2008 Suzuki Forenza Sedan Locks Click On And Off.

When I'm driving the door locks click on and off repeatedly and then they stop but starts doing it again and does it every time I drive it. If anyone has had that problem, what was causing it?

AC Blows Hot 30 Minutes After Charged With Sealer In Can

My AC was blowing hot air. The auto parts guy said if I buy the freon with sealer in It and guage, he would check the freon and would charge It if low which the gauge indicated but after 30 min...

2006 Suzuki Forenza

I can't drive it and drive it shifts hard don't know exactly what's wrong with it I need ideas ??

Suzuki Forenza Overview

Other than a name that suggests an exotic Japanese and Italian heritage, the Suzuki Forenza presents itself as your basic compact sedan. Suzuki basically brings you budget level models that take you where you need to go without the pomp and circumstance. The Forenza made its debut in 2004 and started with a 119 hp I4 engine. In 2005, the powertrain went up to 126 hp.

2006 marked the most significant time of change for the Forenza during which the compact sedan got a re-designed exterior and reduced its emissions. The number of trims went down to 4 for that year before reverting back to 6 for 2007.

Overall, don't expect much more than the basics from the Suzuki Forenza. This sedan does its job as a good first car for someone who can't quite afford the more powerful and luxurious models on the market.

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