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Suzuki Aerio Transmission

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Suzuki Aerio Overview

The Suzuki Aerio compact sedan hit the market in 2001, replacing the Esteem/Baleeno. This model has built a well-known reputation as an inexpensive ride with good gas mileage. The inaugural Aerio started with a 2.0-liter, 145-hp inline four powertrain. For 2003, Suzuki unveiled the Aerio SX, a sportier SUV-like model.

In 2004, Suzuki replaced the 145-hp I4 engine with a 2.3-L, 155-hp inline four. Aside from some exterior and interior updates, the Aerio kept the same engine and base features through 2007. No one will mistake this model for a Civic or a Camry, but budget-conscious drivers who don't need a juiced-up V6 should kick the tires.

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