V-belt Replace

Anybody know the correct #'s for the 2 v-belts on an "87 Subaru DL Wagon with A/C,P/S? Also,how do you adjust the tension on the belt w/the adjuster? Any special tools req?


I Have A 1988 Subaru Loyale That Has Some Wiring Problems.

The headlight do not come on at all. The tail light are on when the battery conected and the key is off so the light are on all the time when they have power. I have checked all the fuses dont know ...

Cv Joint Bearing?

im looking at buying a old 87 subaru leone.thing is it goes into gear sweet as but let the clutch out and it doesnt go anywhere but makes a winding noise down by the cv its slipping the co...


Overheating And Power Draining

I have a 85 touring wagon and i have two problems first i have an overheating problem and its not the radiator i drive about 3 km and its up to 3/4 and also i have a power draining problem i went ove...