Length Of 1985 Subaru Gl Wagon


I Need To Replace The Trunk Lid Of My 1981 Subaru Gl Sedan

I have a 1981 Subaru gl sedan (not a hatchback) and I need to replace the trunk lid. It has major rust and I'm looking for a new trunk lid or what types of trunk lid would fit. Like would a Volvo ...


Automatic Trans Problem

ok so i have a 1987 gl-10 turbo 4wd wagon with an automatic trans with park reverse neutral driver 2nd 1st. First thing is when you put it in drive it wont shift to 2nd 3rd or overdrive it just stays...


I Need A Driver Side Door Handle Mechanism For My 83 Subaru GL Wagon

Okay the other day I went to open my driver side door on my 83 GL wagon Subaru and it looked it up on the handle and now I can't open the door I can't shut the door I can unlock it I can't do not...