Saturn VUE Questions

Transmission Car Won't Go In Reverse

Why can't my car in reverse work


PCV Tube Fitting Sits Loose Where It Connects Into Air Filter Duct

I pulled the engine plastic cover off to check the power steering fluid and was surprised to notice that my PVC line that attaches at the top of the valve cover and then attaches into the air filter...

AWD Light Shows Off.

I have a 2009 REDLINE and I start it the All Wheel is off light comes on. Any idea?

Transmission Failure 2008 Saturn Vue

Everybody should know that the transmission warranty on this a six speed unit has been extended to 10 years/100+ thousand miles. I called my Vin number to Jim see you when I had a catastrophic tra...

Saturn VUE Overview

For all the powerful models that dominate the market, the Saturn VUE SUV has given family patriarchs an affordable and effective means for transporting the clan. This model helped diversify the Saturn lineup after the manufacturer invested heavily in the S-Series through the 1990's. Consumers know exactly what they're getting when they buy this roomy, 5 seat SUV.
A word to the wise: if you're looking for the most stylish model on the market, look elsewhere. The VUE focuses on functionality and performance. However, with the introduction of the Red Line and the VUE hybrid in the last couple years, Saturn has shown that it can cater to a crowd that demands aesthetics and environment-friendly mechanics. Most users feel good about having converted their garage into a room with a VUE.

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