Hot Day Starting After Shut Down

On hot days 5 to 20 minutes after shut down the starting system does not function. 20 minutes or so after shut down the starting system works fine. Obviously, something gets too hot to function then...

Common Problems

Thinking about buying a used 03 Saturn L series 300 with 123000 miles on it. It sounds good and drives nicely but I am hesitant because of the age. Are there any problems I should look out for parti...


How To Turn Off The Headlight And Keep The Car Running?

I have a 04 Saturn L300 and would like to know how to turn the headlights off and keep the car running

2005 L300 V6 Engine

is engine a saab or opel built

Engine Tuning Over But Want Star

Car tuning over not getting fuel

Saturn L300 Overview

The Saturn L300 marked the end of the L-Series era and a transition into the Aura. Saturn basically took all the trims from the L-Series and renamed them. However, not much else changed for this solid midsize model. Saturn pared down the trim lineup to one base sedan for the L300's final production year in 2005. A one year hiatus from the midsize market led to the introduction of the stylish Aura in 2007.

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