What Is This Part Called? It's Connected To Mastee Cylindery

What is this connected to my Master Cylinder

Saturn 2002 L200

My wife was driving her 2002 l200 when she heard a popping noise and the engine stalled,she coasted into a parking lot. Upon trying to restart all the starter would do is spin and not engage the...

2002 L200 Saturn My Blinkers Went Out Hazards Are Out.

2002 l200 Saturn my blinkers went out hazards are out. Fuses and bulbs are good the interior lights on dash don't light up for blinkers either. There's rear bulbs in back lights but only 2 bulbs a...

How Do I Use Blue Devil Head Fix Shit With Out My Heather Blower Not Workin...

Hiw to use blue devil head gasket fix shit with out my heater blowing

2000 Saturn L-Series Rear Strut

Does anyone know the specs I would need in order to replace a rear strut on a 2000 Saturn L-Series I plan on buying? Also, just a general question, would any type of radio replace to one in there?

Saturn L-Series Overview

The L-Series came at an important time for customers wondering when Saturn would expand a compact-heavy lineup. This midsize model came in sedan and wagon trims, and reviewers felt that its features stacked up reasonably well against the Accord and Camry. However, experts questioned whether this model had come a little too late to make an impression in the market. Saturn needed to make up for lost time in promoting a solid product.

The L-Series changed its name to the L300 for 2004.

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