2000 Saturn L-Series Rear Strut

Does anyone know the specs I would need in order to replace a rear strut on a 2000 Saturn L-Series I plan on buying? Also, just a general question, would any type of radio replace to one in there?

2003 Saturn L200 Bleeding Rear Brakes

I am having trouble bleeding the rear brake line. I

I'm 17 And I Need A Car To Get To Work, School, And Practices. I Have No Cr...

-Parents won't help out - 17 years old - no one to cosign - no credit - Need a car ASAP

What Saturn Cars Use A Transponder Key

I was told that the saturn L series cars don't use a transponder key. will the 30 reset proceedure work with a regular key and if so, how does the car identify with a normal key? I don't have any or...


Car Cranks But Won't Start

We had put a new fuel filter an oil sending unit spark plugs you can put gas in to the intake it will start up but will not stay running what is the issue please help

Saturn L-Series Overview

The L-Series came at an important time for customers wondering when Saturn would expand a compact-heavy lineup. This midsize model came in sedan and wagon trims, and reviewers felt that its features stacked up reasonably well against the Accord and Camry. However, experts questioned whether this model had come a little too late to make an impression in the market. Saturn needed to make up for lost time in promoting a solid product.

The L-Series changed its name to the L300 for 2004.

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