1004 Saturn Ion2 Redline Oil Light

This morning I left for work and roughly 10 minutes into driving the red oil light on the right of the dash came on and beeped a few times, and i lost some power to the car, so I pulled over and ch...

What Causes My Saturn Not To Start?

Turn the key and there's a click and the security light on dash lights up

Engine Ping

2006 red line, put new motor in drive about 30,000 miles on it, faithfully checked and added oil.....took the head off, But not sure where to go from here any help would be great

Dash Lights Work Sometimes Then Stop On 05 Saturn Redline

dash lights go on and off after installing new radio.

Saturn ION Red Line Overview

The Saturn Ion Red Line supersized the Ion the way McDonald's supersized its menu. With a powerful 205 hp I4 engine, drivers could experience a dependable ride with powerful performance. This trim enjoyed a following among tuners looking to enhance an already formidable machine. Saturn plans to abandon the Ion in 2007. As a result, fans will have to look elsewhere if they want to buy a brand new vehicle bearing the shiny Red Line label.

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