Saab 9-5 Questions

Where Can I Send My Cim To Get A New Key Programed If All Keys Are Lost?

So I have lost my second key for my car and it looks like my best option/ being easiest and cheapest is to send my cim somewhere and get a new key that way. Does anyone know where/ who I could send ...

My Car Cut Off While I Was Driving And Would Not Restart?

The Radio and all the electrical instruments are working fine, including the air and heat. Do I just need a new battery?

Can I Sell My Used Car To Car Gurus?

I have a 2003 Saab 95. I can provide photos if necessary. Would Car Gurus be prepared to but this car from me? It is in very good condition and road worthy. Thanks

How Do I Get A Code For My Radio

I just recently purchased the car and it needed a new battery and now my radio says I need a code


What Is Wrong When My Car Doesn't Have Power And Won't Go Over 20-25 Mph?

I had a bunch of work done and it wasn't doing this before I took it to a shop. when I got the car out of the shop it acted like it didn't want to go over 20-25 mph. the shop I went to messed some...

Saab 9-5 Overview

The 9-5 Sport Sedan is hailed as Saab's flagship vehicle. This premium, mid-sized sedan replaced the 9000 in 1998 to much fanfare and began the 9- naming scheme that continues into the future.

Luxury features, a sophisticated look, and great crash-test results lend the 9-5 its popularity. Its main competition is the fellow Swede Volvo S60, plus the Audi A6, and the BMW 5. Although people tend to think of Volvo when automotive safety is brought up as a subject, Saab is the company that introduced active head-restraint technology.

Slightly larger than the 9-3 with a more powerful engine, it's the preferred choice of many an executive, or just those who like to treat themselves well. It is not available in a convertible, as the 9-3 is, but both the 9-3 and 9-5 have SportCombi (station wagon) versions. Each one has a turbocharged engine, of course.

9-5s have been used as official police vehicles in several locations, including the ski towns of Aspen and Vail in Colorado as well as some Swedish communities.

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