How Do I Confirm A Vehicle Now Advertised For Sale Truly Exists

How do I know if a car truly exists now or or if it is a Fraud sale or Scam Car sale now ?

Real Car Or Paper Car Scam

Does this 1985 Porsche 928 advertised now for $9900 located in in Elgin Ill.. actually exist ? Please Reply?

1980 Porsche 928 Won't Start?

I have a 1980 Porsche 928 and can't get the car to start. I have replaced the fuel pump, cleaned and reinstalled the fuel injectors and replaced the injector hoses with new ones. I also have replaced ...

What Year Should I Buy?

I want to buy a used porsche 928. Overall, (performance, maintenance, parts etc..) which model is the best overall (S2, S4, GT or GTS) and within each model class what year should I buy to achieve max...