Holden Opel Vectra Check Engine Light

hi my cars battery light started coming on and then the check engine light comes on every time i accelerate any help would be appreciated thanks


Oil Consumption

I hane an Opel Vectra 1.6 of 2004. It seems to consume excessive oil. Any ideas why this is hapoening? What can I do to fix it?

03 Opel Vectra 1.8 GTS

Hello all any hell I have 03 Opel Vectra 1.8 GTS After wash the car all clean the heater blower not working at all any help thenks


My Vectra 2000 V16 The Air Not Heating ?

my Vectra 2000 V16 , the air not heating ?

Operating Temperature

Good day gurus. i own a '99 vectra. is it normal for its temperature to reach 100 degrees on a heavy traffic, under a very hot day?