Water Out Of The Exhaust Pipe

When I drive the bakkie a whole lot of water gushes out of the exhaust pipe .. it literally looks like you have attached a hosepipe to the exhaust, that is how much water shoots out. It is an Opel ...


Lack Of Power On Acceleration

1400 Corsa Utility 170000 kilos lacks power at take off. Cam, Ignition Timing, Checked. OK. Fuel and Air Filters Renewed. Can get to 140ks/ hr but takes a while. No Catalitic Converter fitted. Any Id...


Engine Problem

Year 2000. My car is cutting off and lacks the power it used to have. Recently after a lot of guess work by so-called mechanics, they have put in a semi-new computer box. Do I have to buy a new engin...

2003 Opel Corsa Utility 1.6i

Good day After how many kms should i take may Opel Corsa 2003 Bakkie 1.6i in for a service.


Astra G 2001 1.8 Ecotec Problem

Johan. I recently cleaned up my intake manifold. Disconnected battery before starting to strip and remove plugs and ecu. Re assembled plugged back every thing and re connected battery. Car will no...