2008 Opel Corsa D 1.4 Hiddle Like Is A Diesel But Its A Petrol

My opel corsa 1.4 2008 model hiddle like its a diesel it makes a lot of noise, i dnt know what is a problem.

Gear Cables Adjustment

hi . i have a chevy utility 1.4 (cora utility) im having trouble with gears right now i can not get gear 5 , when i try adjust the cable then i can not get gear 1&2 some time i get gear 1 where rever...

Gear Problem

My 1st gear is suddenly sitting were reverse should be


Hard Starting

Hi I have a opel corsa 1.4is 2001 model. I have a pain in the butt problem with my car. In the morning or when ever during the day when I try to start my car it cranks very long and then eventuall...