Disc Brake Conversion

I have a 67 Toronado with drum brakes. I've been trying to find a reasonably priced conversion kit to disc brakes. I'm not having any luck. Has anyone else switched the brakes to disc and how did...

Gas Tank Replacement

I have a 67 Toronado thats been sitting many years. I'd like to replace the gas tank. Can anyone tell me what Olds gas tanks are compatible and where to get one?

Timeing Chain

I've determined that the timeing chain in my 1969 Toronado needs changed. The Chilton's auto manual states the you must remove engine from car to do this. Can any body tell me if it is possible ...


Why Are Lights Flashing On The Instrument Panel On My 1987 Toronado

A couple of weeks ago the lights on my instrument panel would go out but when I would shut off the car and restart it they would come back on. Then one day the lights on the left side of the instrumen...