Can I Sell My Truck On Your Site?

I would like to post my truck for sale on your site

Water In Oil

1993 Nissan 2400 engine getting. Water rapidly in the oil. Where do you reckon.

My 95 Nissan 2w Drive Pick Up Truck Bogs Down At 2000 Rpmsand Wants To Die ...

So my 1995 Nissan pickup truck bogs down at 2000 RPMs it still runs and it ideals great but I have to feather the gas and acts like it's not getting gas or maybe a vacuum problem I don't know. I h...

How Do I Fix. Spark Plug Coming Out?

My nissan d21 spark plug keeps coming out and idk why any suggestions?? Plus does anyone know if the Nissan D21 1988 6 cy 3 ld 4 wheel drive take 2# different sparkplugs sizes??

Water Leak On Passenger Side Under The Dash

When it rains, on the passenger side there is a water leak, my vents are clear and the seal is okay. Not sure what might be the problem.