Water In Oil

1993 Nissan 2400 engine getting. Water rapidly in the oil. Where do you reckon.

95 Nissan Ex Hard Body Truck

All fuses good .. dashlights running lights and taillights, tag lights all out .. can't figure it out???? Help??

My 95 Nissan 2w Drive Pick Up Truck Bogs Down At 2000 Rpmsand Wants To Die ...

So my 1995 Nissan pickup truck bogs down at 2000 RPMs it still runs and it ideals great but I have to feather the gas and acts like it's not getting gas or maybe a vacuum problem I don't know. I h...

95 Nissan Ex Hard Body Truck

My taillights, dashlights, running lights and tag light will not come on . I have checked all fuses I Kno to check . Does anyone know what may be the problem????

Car Cuts Off While Driving

Starts at well drives well but after a few minutes of driving it cuts off and then I have a problem starting it so I could just want to get gas