My Nissan Terrano Is Sluggish In Acceleration Nand Struggles To Hit 100km/h...

the engine sounds very good and reliable but there is this problem of not loosing power when you need it, it reduces speed at very gentle slopes, take off is sluggish


How Do I Remove The Dashboard From A Nissan Terrano 11 TDI 2.7

The milage LCD display is breaking up and I wish to know what is entailed in removing the dash unit

Boost Pressure On Terrano2 2.7 Tdi?

how many bars pressure? i check my pressure and it shows 0.6bar

Speedo Not Accurate On Nissan Terrano II 2001

I have a Nissan Terrano II 2001, and the speedo is not accurate. It is accurate up to about 30mph after which it lags behind the faster I go, hence giving a false speed reading - being slower than ...