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1992 Nissan Stanza
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1991 Nissan Stanza
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1989 Nissan Stanza
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Engine Missing Very Bad

Change spark plugs and rotor cap wiring and rotor and ignition coils but engine still missing and shakes a lot

Where Is The Power Steering Fluid Container?

91 Nissan Stanza Won't Click On Anything When Key Turned

I haven't had many problems with car besides speedometer not working and a deer hitting me knocking out lens but recently just wouldn't start at store. Tried to jump but I already knew it wasn't that ...

Car Wont Stay Running And Have To Put A Charge On It To Restart. New Altern...

I don't have a compression gauge and I am unsure what to check next. could it be electrical. Previously the instrument cluster lights went out and prior to that the hvac cluster lights were not workin...

92 Nissan Stanza Prob

i have a 92 nissan stanza xe 5 speed and have done so much work to it i really dont want to junk it. its having problems with flooding and running extremely rich. the injectors were just rebuilt and w...

Nissan Stanza Overview

From 1982 to 1992, the Nissan Stanza was the auto maker's compact car, until it was replaced by the Nissan Altima. Its predecessor was the Datsun 510.

The Stanza came in a number of body styles, including a sedan, wagon, and hatchback.

Though the Stanza was discontinued in most export markets by 1986, it continued to be sold in the US. However, it was criticized for being too heavy and slow. The styling was also outdated.

By 1990, the Stanza was completely replaced by the car known as the Bluebird overseas, although it retained the Stanza name. The Stanza manged to eek out one more year in name only in the first Altima, which was officially named the Altima Stanza. By 1994, however, the Stanza had disappeared from the Nissan lineup completely.

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