I Am Looking For A 1987 Z24 Carburetor For A Nissan D21 Truck.

I am looking for a 1987 z24 carburetor for a nissan d21 truck. Will a 1986 carb work?

Is It Safe To Change

Was given a 97 d21 4x4 Manuel. Trans fluid and gear oil haven’t been changed in at least 200k was wondering if it’s safe to change it or if I should just top them back off existing fluid level ...

Is A 1993 , 07 2.4 D21 Motor Compatible With A 1996 Motor This A Nissan Pic...

Can I put a 1996 Nissan pickup truck motor in a Nissan 1993 Nissan pickup truck would it be compatible

How Too Find Out Where My 1997 Nissan Pickup Truck Was Made

need to replace power steering pump but need to know wast country my truck was made in