96 Nissan Hardbody Tach

Is there a sending unit for my tach, it is stuck @ 3000 with engine running or not?

What Do I Have, A Hardbody D21 Or 720?

I just bought a 1987 Nissan pickup without and owners manual. Can anyone direct me to a source (hopefully free) for a manual? Also, I need to know if it's a Hardbody d21, or a 720Z. I've read in the f...

1994 Nissiand21 Pickup

my 1994 nissiand21 pickup wont shift into 2nd gear until it gets hot, i have changed the fluid and filter and it is full of fluid, it does not slip at all when hot it shifts perfect, helppppp

Timing Belt Or Timing Chain

Does a 1989 Nissan D21 Pick-up with a 6 cylinder engine have a timing belt or timing chain What is the recommend replacement