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1993 Nissan NX
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1992 Nissan NX
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Can I Swap An Engine From A Nissan 300zx Into An NX2000?

Question says it all.


I Was Wondering If I Could Use Another Alternator That Would Match My Nissa...

hey my nissans alternator went in it and i was wondering if i could use one from another nissan like the b 13 sentraor altima and also my car was making a weired buzzing noise under were my fuse panel...

Why Does My Alternator Keep Dying?

I have replaced and rebuilt my alternator in my car twice this year alone and i keep hearinf the high frequency whining/buzzing sound with any electrical load. I have gone and replaced my battery th...

I'm An Idiot...i Know:(

So my rad ran dry. The temp gauge was on max, and i decided to see how far i could go until she died. But now i'm trying to figure out what's wrong so i can fix it. Any ideas. I know theres only 6...


Can I Get Help With A Copy Of A 93'nissan Nx Repair Manual (1600)

I was wondering if someone can help w/ a link or copy of a 93'nissan nx repair manual (1600)

Nissan NX Overview

The Nissan NX was a sporty coupe that was produced for only three years in the U.S. The NX replaced the Pulsar NX. The NX came in two different trims: the NX1600 and the NX2000. The 2000 had a larger engine and was available with a T-top.

The NX was renowned for its handling. In 1992 Road and Track magazine tested it alongside some of the best-handling cars, such as the Porsche 911 and the Acura NSX. Unfortunately, the Nissan NX got poor safety ratings, which is perhaps one of the reasons it was so short lived.

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