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Back Fire Through The Air Filter

My 79 280 zx back fires through the air filter at low rpm and runs a little rough.

Fuel Pump??

I have a 83 Datsun 280zx. When I am driving at any speed randomly I lose acceleration and have to pull over. When I try to go again a poping noise comes from what sounds like beneath me. I changed ...

Fuel System

I bought a '79 280ZX that hasn't run for 11 years. I had the fuel tank cleaned out and replaced the hoses. The pump works but the engine won't start. do I need to bleed the fuel system and if so ho...

Datsun 280zx Problem

I have a 1980 280zx that is running rough. However periodically it runs fine and during that time I hear a high pitched hum that seem to be comming from rear compartment area. The vehicle runs rough a...

1980 280zx Non Turbo

My 1980 280zx will run .But, it is not running good. If you remove the pto holes off it runs smooth. My question is what is the problem?

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