Why Won't My Mitsubishi Start?

I accidentally put the battery in backwards, swapped everything back around and checked every fuse both in passenger and under hood. The only blown fuse was the hundred amp under the hood that goes...


Catalytic Converter Issues

replaced the catalytic converter in the middle of truck and now car sounds kind of loud when I give it gas?

Oil Leak

Got an oil leak looks like it’s coming from the oil pan but not sure how would I know where it’s coming from

Sudden Gear Change While On Drive?

I own a 2012 montero sport, this will start on P or on N, like normal car will, however when I am driving the car will go into N without me noticinf when until I hit the gas and the does not move, j...

Consuming Tons Of Fuel

Its a 3.5 liter and uses 3/4 tank of fuel in less than 200 miles